Kick 2 movie Review

Rating: 3/5.

Cast : Ravi Teja, Rakul Preet singh, Ravi kishan, Brahmanandam, Rajpal yadav and Others.

Directed by : Surender Reddy.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Action comedy

Release date : 21st August 2015.

Music : SS Thaman.

Producer : Nandamuri arts – Kalyan ram.

Bottom line : Title should have been called as COMFORT.

Its been six years since we have seen the film KICK. It did a great business at the box office in 2009. Following the huge success, Director Surender reddy has announced sequel to kick at that time. Bollywood actors Rajpal yadav and sanjay mishra have played key roles in the film. Actor Nandamuri kalyan ram has produced the kick seque. Finally it has arrived today at the box office.Let’s check out how is it.

The film opens with the excerpts from prequel and telling us that kick raviteja has settled down in US. His son Robinhood (Ravi teja) is a doctor who always want comfort in his activities.His dream is to build a hospital. He lands in india to sell his land which is encroached by a hooligan. Chaitra (Rakul preet singh) falls in love with Robinhood but he doesn’t feel her love.By manipulating Pandit Raviteja (Brahmanandam), Robinhood gets back his land. While going back to US,he realises the love of chaitra. Robinhood learns that his love interest is in vilaspur, which is ruled by a Evil gangster, Suleman singh Thakur (Ravi kishan). How Robinhood saves the vilaspur village from the dreadful gangster is rest of the story.

Vakantham vamshi, who shot to fame as a writer with kick, has provided the story to its sequel. Like Kick, The sequel doesn’t have a social message. More over it is filled up with unnecessary melodrama and lame comedy scenes. Director Surender reddy has handled the weak subject his best to entertain the audience with his forte. There are so many unnecessary scenes, which tested the patience of a common movie goer. Surender reddy has focused more on entertainment rather than subject. Editor should have used his scissors well.The only silver lining in the technical department is its cinematography, Cameraman Manoj parmahamsa’s work is top notch. The way he used the lighting is brilliant. SS thaman composed tunes are passable.Background score is not upto the mark. Exquisite sets. Art direction is good. Production values are too great.

There is an ensemble cast in KICK 2. Ravi teja has carried the whole film on his shoulders. Even though it is a weak subject, His energetic performance has cheered up the audience. He got into the skin of character and did a phenomenal job. Rakul preet singh has got a meaty role after a long time, she did a nice job. Ravi kishan looked so good in a baddie role. His make up, mannerism and dialogues are enchanced his evil look. Brahmanandam has ticked the funny bone of audience. Good cameo appearance by shyam. Bollywood actors Rajpal yadav, Kabir and sanjay mishra have been wasted.

On the whole, The ensemble cast performance has overshawdowed the weak subject quite well. Although, kick 2 has failed to emulate kick It has offered good entertainment. You can COMFORTABLY watch this film on this weekend.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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