Phantom Movie Review

Phantom Movie Review

Rating : 2.5/5.

Cast : Saif ali Khan, Katrina Kaif, Rajesh Tilang and Others.

Directed by : Kabir Khan.

Language : Hindi.

Genre : Action Thriller.

Release date : 28th August 2015.

Producer : Siddharth Roy Kapoor.

Music : Pritam.

Bottom Line : No thrilling moments in this action thriller.

No Indian forgets about 26/11mumbai terror attacks, None of the masterminds behind that dreadful attack is arrested. Film maker Ram gopal varma made a film on 26/11 attacks and Now bharangi bhaijaan director kabir khan has come up with the extended fictional narrative on 26/11 attacks.

Phantom begins with the voice over of actor om puri narrating about 26/11 terror attacks then we get introduced to RAW ( Research Analysis and Wing) cheif and  his three colleagues hatches a plan to avenge terror attacks. They go through certain profiles and choose an ex- army officer ( Saif ali khan) for the covert operation. While eliminating masterminds behind 26/11 terror attacks he faces the counter attacks by ISI. How he cope with ISI and Will he accomplish the mission are main parts of the story.

Seems like director kabir khan attacks the box office with his movies in no time. His last ouing Bharangi Bhaijaan did a great business at the box office and stands all time 2nd highest grosser. Now his latest film Phantom is a fictional narrative about post 26/11 terror attacks. The plot is quite interesting but the kabir khan has failed to execute in a rievting way. There are dearth of thrilling moments in this action thriller. tepid screenplay kills the audience enthusisam. Camerman’s work is top notch. Action stunts are good. Mediocre compositions by Pritam. The back ground score composed by julius packiam is passable. Editor Aarif sheikh has done a great job with his scissors.

Saif ali khan has essayed this kind role before in agent vinod, Kurbaan and Race 2. He nailed it with ease. Though Katrina kaif’s role is poorly written she did her best. The other cast have a good job.

Overall, Phantom would have been a much better movie if it has eye feast action sequences and riveting screenplay. However, Kabir has failed to bag an another blockbuster with phantom. Watch this film at your own interest.

Reviewed By Shrinu Nakka.



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