Dynamite Movie Review

Rating :3/5.

Cast : Manchu Vishnu, Pranitha Subhash, JD Chakravarthy and Others.

Directed by : Deva Katta.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Action Thriller.

Release date : 4th September 2015.

Music : Achu Rajamani.

Bottom Line : A  good action thriller.

In recent times, many remake films in telugu cinema revive the career of star actors. Manchu vishnu has been struggling to  bag a blockbuster film after Dhee.The actor and producer miight has liked 2014 tamil hit film Arima Nambi and he choose to remake it in telugu to bag a blockbuster. He roped in prasthanam director dev katta for this action thriller film.

Dynamite kick offs with  shivaji (Manchu Vishnu) bumps into a college student, Anamika ( Pranitha subhash). In no time , They get  attracted to each other. On their first date night at Anamika’s apartment, As Shvaji is in the rest room, Some hooligans abducts Anamika  for an SD card.  When shivaji tries to findout the whereabouts of Anamika, he comes across certain obstacles. what are those obstcles? what is in that SD card?and who is behind Anamika’s kidnap? are main parts of the story.

Even though it is the remake of tamil film Arima Nambi, Dev katta handled it very well. Although the plot is a bit predictable, racy narrative keeps the viewers on the edge of seat. Action choreographer Vijayan deserves appaluse for his dynamic compositions. Achu rajamani composed background score pumped up the viewers while watching action scenes. Sathish Muthyala camera’s work is mediocre. Editing is by SR sekhar is passable.

Dynamite gives viewers the chance to see Manchu vishnu in a new avtaar. He performed so many risky stunts with his ease. all over he did a good job. Pranitha subhash played her role pretty well.The veteran actor JD Chakravarthy has once again steals the show with his superb performance.Nagineedu as a police offer and Raja Ravindra performed their roles well.

All over, Dynamite is a  good action thriller. There is lack of good comedy in the film.One time watchable.

Reviewed by  shrinu nakka.



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