Courier Boy Kalyan Movie Review

Rating : 2.5/5.


Cast : Nithiin, Yami Gautam, Nassar, Harshavardhan and Others.

Directed by : Prem Sai.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance, Thriller.

Release date : 17th September 2015.

Music : Karthik and Anup Rubens.

Bottom line : Failed to deliver a proper thriller.

Thriller is one of the rare experiments ever done by a debut director. Actor turned director Prem sai has taken that risk for courier boy kalyan. More over, there is much delay to deliver this thriller to audience owing to various issues. However, It is arrived at the  box office. let’s find out what that courier boy kalyan has delivered.

Kalyan (Nithiin) is a happy-go lucky guy. He comes across a sales girl, Kavya (Yami Gautam) while delivering a courier and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, A reputed doctor doing a research  to cure any kind of diseases with fetus cells. A ward boy sends a courier which contains a bottle tablets to Surya narayana ( Nassar) who is a social activist. Kalyan is to deliver that package. A bunch of hooligans try to thwart Kalyan from delivering the package to social activist. what is in that medicine? why baddies want to thwart kalyan? and How kalyan cope  with all these issues  forms the crux of the story.

Even though the run time is 104 minutes,  Prem sai took the time to establish his characters properly. Passable first half and songs placements are  virtually killed the audience mood but thanks to gripping second half for entertaining the audience. There are some few cuts should be done in first half. Some peppy numbers are scored by the duo Anup and karthik. Cameraman’s work is appreciable. Guru productions values are nice.

Nithiin has earned the image of lover boy with his filmography. For the first time this Ishq actor has essayed quite different role. He should deserve applause for choosing different subject. He nailed the role with ease. Bollywood damsel Yami Gautam didn’t get much chance to flaunt her acting skills. Nassar role is quite limited and the veteran actor did it with ease. Other cast members have played their roles pretty well.

On the whole, Courier boy kalyan is a decent attempt by Prem sai. The initial twenty minutes spoils the flavour of film. However, The debut director has failed to deliver a proper thriller with his courier boy.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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