Mayuri Movie Review

Rating : 3.25/5.


Cast : Nayanatara, Aari, Reshmi Meon and Others.

Directed by : Ashwin Sarvanan.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Horror Thriller.

Release date : 17th September  2015.

Music : Ron Youhan.

Bottom Line : A cinema in cinema.

This is not for the first time for gorgeous actress, Nayanatara to be a part of Horror thriller film cast. She was last seen in Suriya’s Super natural thriller Rakshashudu, But This time she is playing the leading role. let’s check out whether Nayanatara as mayuri successfully scared the viewers or not.

Maya (Nayanatara) is separated from her husband, and lives with her close friend along with her kid. She sustains financial distress owing to lack of job. One day her close friend, who is an assistant director tells maya about the challenge if someone alone watch horror film ‘Cheekati’, the person will get rewarded with 5 lakhs rupees. Desperate Maya is ready to take up the challenge despite one distributor dies of heart attack while watching film. As the movie progressing she learns about mayavanam, which is haunted by a ghost. who is that ghost? and Will Maya win the challenge?  are main parts of the story.

Mayuri has a racy plot line and it is the confluence of two different stories. Even though the narrative is a bit of unconventional, The man at the helm has succeed in scaring the viewers. Editor TS Suresh has done a good job. Cameraman’s Sathyan work is just brilliant. He has captured ample close ups for which a horror film required. Most of the spooky frames reminded me of Hollywood movies. Ron Youhan composed background score is topnotch which brings life to the visuals.

As I sat on my seat I was anticipating Nayanatara in spooky avtar but it didn’t happen. Nonetheless, Nayanatara has carried off her role with ease. A few facial expressions reminded me of her film Anamika. Aari has supported very well. The whole cast members have done a great job.

Although, Mayuri has unconventional narrative, It has succeed to scare the viewers with its spooky music and sepulchral art direction. Finally, Nayanatara has managed to win the brownie points for her performance. Watch it and have fun.



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