Subramanyam For Sale Movie Review


Rating : 3.5/5.

Cast : Sai Dharam tej, Regina Cassandra, Brahmanadam, Suman and Others.

Directed by : Harish Shankar.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Action Romance Comedy.

Release date : 24th Septemvber 2015.

Music : Mickey J Meyer.

Producer : Dil raju.

After a commercial misfire with Ramayya vastavayya, Harish Shankar has penned a story for two old film actor Sai Dharam Tej, Of course, ‘Subrahmanyam for sale’ is his third film. Regina Cassandra who has earlier played the love interest of the actor in ‘Pilla nuvvu leni Jeevitham’, is roped in again to play the same role. ‘Subrahmanyam for sale’ is all about a guy, who believes time is money and why he became money minded.

The film opens with Seetha played by Regina Cassandra abscond her impending marriage despite her family reputation at stake. She landed in the US for love interest, Abhi (Ranvir) and bumped into a part time RJ and full time waiter, Subrahmanyam played by Sai Dharam Tej in Airport. Seetha learnt that Abhi cheated on her ensuing their engagement. Devastated Seetha took the shelter at Subrahmanyam flat. They became good friends in no time. On a tip of Chinthayaka essayed by Brahmanandam, For money, They pretend as real couple in an event organized by NRI reddy (Naga babu). The couple impressed Reddy and bagged the jackpot. They both forced return  to India to attend their sister’s wedding respectively. Seetha plead Subrahmanyam to accompany her home, Kurnool.After landing in india, Govindh (Ajay) henchmen were after Subrahmanyam. There in kurnool, Subrahmanyam played the husband role of Seetha. why he played the role of  husband to Seetha? Why Govind henchmen are after Subrahmanyam? and what happened in the end? forms the Crux of the story.

The plot was not a wafer thin it had multiple twists and turns. Most of the film was banked on the comedy.It is known that comedy movies do not fail to sparkle at the telugu box office. Harish Shankar was smartly executed the film. He had even advised the students that textbook is more important than Facebook. My only complain was Adah sharma’s love story. It killed the fun for a few moments. However, The chemistry between lead pair was fabulous. Quite suprised to see Sobriquet “Supreme Hero” On introduction frames. Sai dharam tej had flaunted the other side of him with his impeccable comic timing. The actor was even asked to shake a leg to the tunes pawan kalyan ‘Made in Andhra’ from Thammudu and Chiranjeevi’s Guvva Gorinka from khaidhi No. 786, and did a tremendous job. Actress Regina cassandra spoke with her eyes in emotional scenes. She did a great job. The lead actors competitively played their roles and at the same time they supported each other
.Unlike all other commercial movies, Subrahmanyam for sale ended with non violence. The vastly experienced comedian Brahmandam tickled the funny bones of audience. Rao Ramesh’s one liner’s were superb. Even though veteran actor Kota Srinivas rao did a small role, He made his indelible mark. Naga babu, Suman and other star cast have played their roles very well.

Apart from Guvva Gorika and Hash karenge, None of the songs failed to catch my attention, but the background score by Mickey J Meyer was synced well with the frames. you could witness most aerial shots in Guvva Gorinka songs.Good work by Goutham Raju. On the whole, Harish Shankar and producer Dil raju might be on cloud nine with the success of Subrahmanyam for sale. Even Sai dharam tej is evolving as a star actor. He will give a tough time to other stars. I will go with Three and half out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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