Shivam Movie Review

Rating : 2/5.


Cast : Ram Pothineni, Rashi Khanna, Sreenivas Reddy, Abhimanyu Singh and Others.

Directed by : Sreenivasa Reddy.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance, Action.

Release date : 2nd October 2015.

Music : Devi Sri Prasad.

Bottom Line : Old Wine in New bottle.

Shivam is the directorial debut of Sreenivasa reddy, who was earlier assistant to director surender reddy. you can see his mentor’s influence on him in Shivam.There is protagonist father prankly wants to kill his son, which is inspired from kick. In an encounter with a baddie, The hero says that “Nuvvu
yevaro Chepthe guruthochinapudala kodutha, Nenu yevaro thelusu koni vasthe guruthundi poyela kodutha
( If you say about Yourself, I will pulp you whenever you are on my mind Or If You find me You will never forget my me) ” this is extracted from Race gurram. like this,there are a few scenes in Shivam that reminded you of surender reddy films.

The film kicks off with an eloped couple, who wants to get married, In the mean time, our protagonist, Shiva (Ram pothineni) who  perform more than hundred marriages, comes forward as savior of them inspite of risk As a result, There are bunch of gangs are looking for shiva to kill him. Even his father wants to kill him, Here the director didn’t reveal the exact reason. Finally, our protagonist comes across his love bird, Thanuja played by Rashi khanna. She doesn’t express love to Shiva owing to attitude issues. An encounter with baddie, drives shiva to confront a vicious man called Bhoji reddy. A  gangster, Abhi (Abhimanyu Singh) wants to tie knot with thanuja, because he feels that she is his lucky charm. Where all these people are after Shiva. How did he cope all these issues? and Why he performed the marriage of love birds are main parts of the story.

There is no soul in the content, Sreenivasa reddy just made us to chew the bubble gum. There are irregular sparkles with comedy. It is quite disappointing to see the budding film makers are coming up with old wine in a new bottle. Mediocre editing work by Kerintha Madhu,where as some scenes easily chopped off. Even though there are big names on the paper, none of them gave full efforts to this film. Devi sri Prasad composed tunes is the only silver lining. Rasool’s camera work in songs is superb. Peter Heins stunts are not up to the standards.

It is a calk walk role for Ram pothineni and he performed it with ease. But The weak plot overshadowed his superb performance. Ram must choose fresh subjects instead of banal. Rashi khanna played a meaty role, She did a good job. Brahmanandam continued his scape goat comedian character. Abhimanyu Singh did his role well. The rest of the cast members performed their roles nicely.

On the whole, Shivam is turned out as damp squib again for Ram pothineni. He must believe the story is the soul of a movie Otherwise his flops streak will continue. I will go with two out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.

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