Rudhramadevi Movie Review


Rating : 3/5.

Cast : Anushka Shetty, Krishnam Raju, Allu Arjun, Rana Daggubati, Prakash Raj, Catherine teresa, Nithya menen and Others.

Directed by : Guna sekhar.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Historical

Release date : 9th October 2015.

Music : Ilayaraaja.

Bottom Line : Gonna Ganna reddy saves the day.

Guna sekhar is the cynosure of late 90’s in Telugu cinema after he made an epic childrens film, Ramayana which had brought so many accolades to him at the national level. After a hiatus of 18 years, the helmer is back to an epic drama genre, Rudhramadevi, The film has been sporadically in the news due to various issues since its launch. A couple of months ago, Rajamouli’s Baahubali arrived at the box office and did wonders. It is quite absurd to compare Rudhramadevi with Baahubali. The latter film is purely fictional and it has nothing to do with the history, Here The latest venture of guna sekhar deals with the history and it is all about a queen, Rudhramadevi who ruled kakatiya dynasty.

An Italian traveler, Mark Polo traveled all over asia and learns about Kakatiya queen Rudhramadevi, When Italy is in dire situation, Mark Polo shares his travel experiences with Italy emperor.To the contrary of kakatiya people expectations, The emperor of Kakatiya dynasty, Ganapathi Devayya (Krishnam Raju)’s wife gives birth to a female infant at that time of so many venal kings eyes on Orugollu throne. For the sake of people, The Minister, Shiva devayya (Prakash raj) advises the emperor that introduce female infant as male to the people as Rudhradevaraju. They feed her as she doesn’t know own gender. Like a little prince, She learns the Vedas and battle skills. With the latest developments in orugollu kingdom, The prince of devarakonda, Mahadevayya call off his own plan to attack on orugallu kingdom. Rudhradevaraju befriends with chalukya and Gonna ganna reddy. In her adolescence she finds out the truth about her gender and chooses to continues with the same impression as Rudhradeva raju .After ten years, She turns out as an ultimate warrior and steals the hearts of Kakatiya people with her brain. Gonna ganna reddy become a dacoit and creates his own army to save the people from venal kings taxes. As time passes, The internal secret gets exposed to all enemies and people. Devarakonda King Mahadevayya sends his spies to ascertain the secrets of Kakatiya dynasty. With the assistance of a couple kings, the wicked Devarakonda king also learns about Rudramadevi and prepares to attack orugollu with his army. In the meantime, People of Kakatiya refuse to accept Rudramadevi as their queen by citing gender issue. For hiding the truth, The kakatiya kings and other officials banish Rudramadevi from orugallu kingdom. What will happen to Kakatiya dynasty amid this predicament, is rest of the story.

One need lots of courage to make and produce this kind of historical films in Indian cinema where the commercial potboilers prevail. While watching film, I learnt that Guna Sekhar has done a lot of research on this film, Right from sets to Weapons, He take immense care. But what went wrong is compact budget. How could we expect visual wonders in 80 crores budget film, Still the helmer has managed with the special effects. The run time of certain unnecessary scenes affects the mood of audiences. Music Maestro Ilayaraaja hasn’t composed required background music to the film. Ajay vincent camera work is great. Art director Thota Tharani and Costume designer Neetha Lulla have done a fabulous job.

Apart from Anushka shetty, No actress would fit into the role of queen Rudhramadevi. The character needs masculinity and at the same time voluptuous body. Anushka maintained that balance with the assistance of make up. The experience of Arundathi comes in handy. Her disposition, dialogue delivery and stunts are superb. Allu Arjun saves the day with his mannerism, Dialect and One liners. The dialogues written for him are superb. Cheppakapothe Vaikuntam Lekapothe Vu Kuntam and Aey Gammundavayya these dialogues cheered up the audiences. Rana Daggubati did a good job as the love interest of anushka. The ensemble cast has done a great job. The voice over by mega star Chiranjeevi is nice.

On the whole, Rudramadevi would have been a much better movie if it had visual wonders. Anyhow, The film made with meager budgets would give this kind of output only. There is nothing wrong with the director and narrative, Budget was the biggest drawback. Still The star actor, Allu arjun saves the day with his telangana dialect. If you are intrigued to know about the history and Kakatiya culture. This movie is for you, but do not expect visual wonders. I will go with three out of five stars.

Reviewed By Shrinu Nakka.

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