Tax Exemption for Rudhramadevi

Tax exemption for rudramadevi


Magnum Opus Rudhramadevi has got Tax exemption from Telangana government, The film director Guna sekhar called on telangana Cheif minister K chandra sekhar rao on thursaday along with his wife Ms. Ragini and Popular producer and distributor Dil raju. As per the reports, Telangana  CM will watch the epic film once it is in theatres. Baahubali director Rajamouli took to twitter to express his support to the film.

“Just heard that #Rudhramadevi has been made tax free in Telangana. Fantastic news for Gunasekhar garu who has been swimming against the current for such a long time to bring this epic to film. Rudramadevi is a queen for all Telugu land.I think even the govt of AP should and will exempt this film from tax. All the best to everyone involved in Rudramadevi” He tweeted.

The film is opened in theatres. stay connected to catch our  review


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