Bruce Lee The Fighter Movie Review


Rating : 3/5.

Cast : Ram Charan, Rakul preet Singh, Kriti Kharbhanda, Arun Vijay,  Brahmanandam, Sampath, Nadiya and Others.

Directed by : Sreenu Vaitla.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Action Drama Comedy.

Release date : 16th October 2015.

Music : SS Thaman.

Bottom Line : Engaging first half, Hackneyed second half.

As everyone is waiting for Mega star Chiranjeevi’s prestigious 150th film, There is good news for mega fans that the legendary actor would a cameo role in his son’s 9th film, which is helmed by Sreenu Vaitla. The last time we have seen Chiranjeevi on the big screen is in Magadheera, Ironically even in that film he played the guest role and It turned out as blockbuster. Meanwhile, Ram charan is going through tough phase in his career. His last two films didn’t perform well at the B.O. Director Sreenu Vaitla is also on the same path. The duo is back to rebound themselves with Bruce Lee The Fighter.

Bruce Lee kicks off with Ramachander rao ( Rao Ramesh) who wants to see his son Karthik (Ram charan) as a collector and neglects his daughter, kavya (Kriti Kharbhanda) owing to financial issues. Kavya wants to become an IAS officer. So, Karthik sacrifices his studies for her sister.Rama chander rao doesn’t know karthik’s intention So he always chides him. Karthik become a stunt man to support his family. A video game developer, Ria bumps into Karthik and design a game, super cop by misunderstanding him as cop. Even Karthik falls for her so, he doesn’t reveal his real identity to Ria because of dire consequences. As a result, he unintentionally busted all the illegal activities of Deepak raj (Arun Vijay). Meanwhile, Ramchander rao employers, Jay raj ( Sampath and Vasundhra’s (Nadhiya) son, Rahul gets engaged to kavya. Karthik learns that Jayraj is also father of Deepak raj and his real identity with the help of ria father ( Mukesh Rishi) . What Is the real identity of Jayraj? How He go against Jay raj and Deepak raj? and Will Karthik tell his real identity to ria? are main parts of the story.

Sreenu Vaitla is expert at blending the comedy with emotional drama and action with the support of duo writers Kona venkat and Gopi Mohan. In his last film, He missed the services of duo writers. But they are back. The story has mutliple twists and turns. it might be quite new but the narrative is hackneyed. You can see the similarities between Baadshah and Bruce Lee interms of narrative.The first hour is totally engaging where as in second hour, The regular sreenu vaitla’s narrative entertain us. Last five minutes are the goose bump moments for movie lovers when mega star appears. The dialogues are good.  A few scenes could have been easily chopped off by MR Varma. Cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa’s cinematography sumps up other technicians contributions. His work is top notch. Musician Thaman scored foot tapping tunes. Run and Kumari songs are my favorite. Background score is just amazing in action sequences. Looks like producer Danayya shelled out lots of bucks on this action entertainer.

There is an ensemble cast in this film. Mega power star Ram charan is like fire on the screen.The way he moves his legs is brilliant. Choreographer Johnny composed some typical moves but the actor did it with ease. Rakul preet Singh sizzles the screen not only with her hotness but also with acting prowess. The onscreen chemistry between Ram and Rakul is superb. Despite a star actress in kannada Kriti Kharbhanda has played the sister role, which is a pivotal role in the film and she did a fabulous job. Arun Vijay who played the antagonist role in Yenthavaadu Gaani, locked horns with ram charan. He looked like a stylish villain but failed to emote cruelty. Sampath and Nadiya did their roles well.Rao Ramesh impressed the viewers.  Chiranjeevi’s cameo is a big asset to the film. He looks like 40 on screen. His dialogue Time gap undochu kani timing lo Theda undadhu cheered up the audiences. Suprisingly, All comedians have tickeld the funny bone in except brahmanadam.The other cast has done a good job.

On the whole, Bruce Lee The Fighter is a paisa vasool routine commercial potboiler inspite of banal second half.What I liked about the film is every character has its own importance. It always does not work to bank on Brahmandam’s comic timing. Chiranjeevi’s guest role is amazing. I will go with three for this action entertainer.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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