Pyaar ka punchanama 2 Movie Review

Rating : 3.5/5.

Cast : Karthik Aaryan, Nushrat Barucha, Omkar Kapoor, Ishita Sharma, Sunny Singh, Sonali Sehgall and Others.

Directed by : Luv Ranjan.

Language : Hindi.

Genre : Romance Comedy.

Release Date : 16th October 2015.

Bottom Line : The complications of relationships.

Luv ranjan become overnight star film maker with the success of his debut film, Pyaar ka punchanama. then he made Akashaa Vaani but it didn’t perform well. Atlast, Luv Ranjan planned to make sequel to his first film. Although, He gives a message to the young lads, A section of  people termed him as misogynistic.I wonder What would people call him after Pyaar ka punchanama 2.

There are three flatmates ( Anshul ( Karthik Aryan), Siddharth (Sunny Singh), and Tharun (Omkar Kapoor), who are also best friends have a perfect lives. Anshul gets into relationship with Ruchika ( Nushrat Barucha), Siddharth with Supriya ( Sonali Sehgall) and Tharun with Kusum (Ishita Sharma). As time passes, Three best friends lives get complicated by relationships. How they solve their issues forms the crux of the story.

Pyaar ka punchanama 2 doesn’t related to the first part in terms of plot line. Luv Ranjan retained the two top lead actors in this sequel as well. Although, Narrative is quite similar to the first part but the director executed it enthrallingly. The dialogues won the brownie points. Cameraman has supported very well with the visuals.  A bunch of Musicians scored peppy music and it is good.

Luv ranjan allowed Karthik Aryan and Nushrat  to play the lead roles again in the sequel. Both have done a great job. New actors Omkar Kapoor, Sunny Singh, Sonali Sehgall and Ishita have delivered natural performance.

Overall, Luv Ranjan has successfully won the hearts of viewers especially male audiences. Go for it.


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