Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Rajinikanth in Robo 2?


The latest buzz in indian cinema is The Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger will make his debut in Indian cinema with Shankar’s upcoming sequel to the mega-hit Robo 2/ Enthiraan 2 starring southern superstar Rajinikanth. According to Mumbai Mirror, the  former senator will be doing what he does best: playing a rogue robot. The 68-year-old actor will be in the country for 25 days in January, to shoot for the first schedule.

“Arnold and I discuss a lot of Indian movies. He attended the audio launch of my Vikram starrer, I, and told me that he wanted to work in Tamil films. He was impressed with the storyline of Enthiran 2 and agreed to be a part of the film,” director Shankar was quoted as saying.

So, It is going to be Terminator Vs Robo.


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