Columbus Movie Review


Rating : 2/5

Cast : Sumanth Ashwin, Seerat Kapoor, Mishti Chakraborthy, Prithvi and Others.

Directed by : R Samala.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance.

Release Date : 22nd October 2015.

Music : Jathin.

Bottom Line : More than a TV serial, less than a featured film.

What would be on your mind when you hear the name Columbus. A man who discovered America. Now the debut film maker Ramesh Samala kept that name for his first movie. The film is said to be a romantic entertainer and It is inevitable to predict what is this  Columbus all about. Yes, Its the story of man who discovered true love.

The protagonist Ashwin played by Sumanth Ashwin. He loves a girl, Indu (Mishti Chakraborthy), who is going to study Masters in Delhi university. Ashwin gets flunked in graduation exams while Indu nail her all exams. Eventually, Things go awry. Ashwin wants to know what is happening with Indu, so lands in Delhi. There he embroil in an attempt murder case and imprisoned for two years. After His vindicate, Ashwin successfully complete his graduation and then learns that Indu is working with an MNC company. In that mean time, Ashwin bumps into Neeraja ( Seerat Kapoor) who is an HR in the same company where indu works. Initially, Neeraja misunderstands Ashwin as If he wooing her. At last, They both become good friends. With the help of Neeraja, Ashwin manage to get a job in the company. In no time, The protagonist find out that there is someone else in Indu’s life. Ashwin decides to create misunderstandings between Indu and her boyfriend with the help of his HR friend again. In this course, Neeraja falls in love with Ashwin. Indu wants Ashwin back in her life.  Hapless Neeraja leaves for US to get rid of Ashwin memories, What Ashwin will do is rest of the story.

Sumanth Ashwin’s father MS Raju has written the wafer thin plot which has nothing great to offer on this festive season. I felt the debut director Ramesh Samala direction is like as if he directing a Television serial.Infact he resembles one of his characters Chilka (Saptaguri), who played the role of a TV serial director. The story is perfectly apt to TV series. The first hour is tedious and the latter hour is jaded. the climax ends on a drama note. Although, the run time is 133 minutes, There are so many lagging moments in the film. The visulas are the only saving grace.Bhaskar Samala did a good job. New music director Jathin composed mediocre tunes. Dialogues are below par.

This kind of roles are regular to Sumanth Ashwin. He pulled it off with ease. In action sequences, He is like a kiddo. the action choreographer failed to compose apt fights to this young lad. There is only single expression on Mishti’s face. Run raaja run actress Seerat Kapoor did a good job as Neeraja. Prithvi and Rohini played their roles pretty well. Saptagiri’s antics didn’t work out this time.

On the whole, Columbus is more than a TV serial less than a featured film. His discovery of true love is  a silly thing in this romantic entertainer. However, The visuals and seerat Kapoor offered some good entertainment.  I will go with two out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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