Kanche Movie Review


Rating : 3.5/5.

Cast : Varun Tej, Pragya Jasiwal, Nikitin Dher, Srinivas Avasarla, Gollapaudi Maruthi and Others.

Directed by : Krish.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Drama Romance Action.

Release date : 22nd October 2015.

Music : Chitraan Bhatt.

Bottom Line : Don’t keep barriers among yourselves in the name of caste and religion. Break that Barrier (Kanche).

Chauvinism has been existing for ages.People used to keep barriers among them in the name of caste and religion. As a result, There are so many honour killings and Vengeance. In early 90’s Mani ratnam Roja dealt with of same concept in tamil/ telugu cinema. After a long time, Director Krish has come up with the same subject,which sets in world war II period. For that, He zeroed in on one film old actor Varun Tej for the protagonist role.

During world war II, the Captain Hari Babu (Varun Tej) and other troops are at the Italian border to fight with Nazi Germany. He comes across commander, Eshwar ( Niktin Dheer).Then we take us into flash back, Hari Babu and Eshwar belong to Devarakonda village, The former hails from lower caste and
the latter from Zamindar family. Hari Babu and Seetha, who is the little sister of Eshwar, fall for each other in Madras. When they arrive their village after their studies, They witness differences among villagers owing to caste. Eshwar learns that his sister is in love with Hari Babu. Furious Eshwar wants to perform sita’s marriage with someone else. In the meantime, Hari Babu ties knot with sita against their customs. In present day, Hari babu witness the same chauvinism even in Germany. He rescue Eshwar and his troop from Nazi’s. What will happen to the love birds? and  Why Hari Babu rescue Eshwar? are main parts of the story.

Krish has penchant for making off beat films. His previous films Gamyam, Vedam and Krishnam Vandhe Jagathgurum are different from each other.  Now this young director has come up with the subject that deals with the predicament of lower caste people, who are oppressed by snobs.In kanche, The narrative goes in a parallel way, which makes you diligent. The helmer cleverly executed his vision on the screen. Dialogues written by Sai Madhav burra are superb it sumps up the narrative. The visuals are brilliant especially war frames. The art director took the meticulous care on the sets. 126 minutes are perfect run time to narrate this kind of period film.  Chitran Bhatt scored Background Score Is top notch. it perfectly synchronize with the brilliant visuals.

The one old film actor Varun Tej has shown a lot of maturity in this film.He expressed perfect emotions. Infact, He nailed the role with ease inspite of inept experience.  Pragya Jaiswal has got a good role to prove her mettle, Her emotions are good. Srinivas Avasarala who keeps chants the songs written by  Sri Sri and Athreya, has offered some good smiles amid the gripping narration.  After a long time Gollapudi Maruthi appeared on the big screen, He did a good job. Posani krishnamurali role is minimal, He didn’t get much screen space.

On the whole, Kanche is one of the rare attempts we have seen in telugu cinema. Krish’s narrative makes you glue to the screen. He says that Don’t put barriers among yourselves in the name of caste ad religion Ultimately, It gives you nothing So break that Kanche (Barrier).  If your expecting commercial pot boiler from Kanche team, this movie is not for you. Watch it if you want to see innovative telugu cinema. I ll go with three and half out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka .


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