Tripura Movie Review


Rating : 3/5.

Cast : Naveen Chandra, Swathi Reddy,

Directed by : Raj Kiran.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Thriller.

Release date : 6th November 2015.

Music : Kamran.

Bottom Line : A template film.

As rape and murder cases have been registering exponentially in the country. The film makers are weaving fictional stories around it. Since last two years, The horror comedy films have been hitting at the box office in telugu cinema. Director Raj Kiran rose to fame with the last year horror comedy Geethanjali, He even choose the same genre for his second film. Seems like he wants to steps into the shoes of Ram gopal varma, who is  more popular for his horror film in Indian cinema.

Tripura begins with a doctor, Eshanya (Pooja Ramchandran) gets killed by a mysterious person in a farm house. A village belle, Tripura (Swathi Reddy), Who has psychic dreams problem, lands in Hyderabad for treatment. She bumps into a Psychologist Naveen Chandra (Naveen Chandra) and falls in love with him. Atlast, They get married to each other. Naveen owns the farm house, where eshanya body buried. He wants to sell his farm house but nobody comes forward to buy because of haunted place. A police officer who is a mutual friend of Eshanya and Naveen Chandra investigate the former murder case. He suspects Naveen Chandra, Even Tripura believes that her husband killed Eshanya owing to progress in investigation.  Who Killed Eshanya and why? and How Eshanya avenge her death? forms the crux of the story.

After having a commercial hit with his first time, Geethanjali, Raj Kiran has come up with the same genre Films like Prema katha chirtram, Geethanjali, and Tripura  have the similar plot line – A girl became the victim of men’s lust and How will she avenge her death. The helmer took a lot of time to establish his characters. There are some forced comedy moments and cliche moments in the middle of suspense drama. 151 minutes is a big run time for any horror comedy film, Editing should have been much crisper. Songs placement is also a big drawback. Kamran has scored startling background music which is enough to scare the viewers. Kona venkat penned dialogues are passable. There are not so many close up frames where a horror film need.

Naveen Chandra’s performance is decent. His facial expressions made us to believe that he is antagonist. Swathi Reddy has done a good job as love interest of Naveen. Pooja Ramchandran looks good in spooky avatar. Asusal Rao Ramesh impressed with his performance. Cliche comedy by Saptagiri’s, Shankar and JP.

On the whole, Raj Kiran has roped in another Telugu origin actress Swathi Reddy for  his second film after Anjali in Geethanjali. There are cliche moments and the plot line is too weak. The director left some loose ends. However, You can watch this horror comedy once to beguile precious time. I will go three out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.

Note :

1 = Avoid
2 = Poor
3 = One Time Watchable.
4 = Super Hit
5 = Industry Hit


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