Akhil The Power of Jua Movie Review


Rating : 2.5/5

Cast : Akkineni Akhil, Sayesha Saighal, Rajendra prasad, Mahesh Manjrekar, Brahmanandam and Others.

Directed by : V V Vinayak.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Action Romance Comedy

Release Date : 11th November 2015.

Music : Anup Rubens and Thaman SS.

Bottom Line : The Power is only in moves.

Akhil – The Power of Jua marks the debut of Akkineni Scion, Akkineni Akhil. Being a son of star actor, There is immense pressure on this young lad. He has to live up to family reputation. So, He is naturally meticulous about his debut and mould himself to look stylish and agile. Popular director V V Vinayak helmed this action entertainer. Actor Nithiin shelled out his money for Akhil’s debut film.

The power of Jua opens with the narration about Jua creation. A bunch of Sages has a premonition that the earth will turn out as fire ball owing to sun heat in some years. They create Surya kavacham (Jua) to protect earth from sun. Inorder to keep it at the middle point of earth. They give it to a tribal commuity in Africa. After every solar eclipse, The first sun rays shall fall on that jua Otherwise, All living beings would extinct. A Russian scientist Katrochi learns about Jua and tries to fetch it with a hit man, Mambo. But a tribal guy, Robodo manages to stash it somwhere else. Meanwhile, A street fighter, Akhil falls for a medico, Divya ( Sayesha) and woos her. While Divya give treatment to Robodo in europe. She learns about the stash of Jua. Mambo abduct Divya for Jua. Akhil is after Mambo, How Akhil will save Divya and earth is rest of the story.

The first question was on my mind after i saw the film, what is the big difference between Venkatesh Devi Putrudu and Akhil The Power of Jua interms of concept. In Devi Putrudu, The holy box created by lord Krishna played the key role and here Jua. V V Vinayak has failed to bring the apt emotions from the debut actor Akhil. Unconventional screenplay rattles your cage. Cameraman Amole Rathod is impressed with his previous films Heart attack and Jyothi Laxmi But here he failed to do so. Anup Rubens and Thaman haven’t made their mark with the mediocre music.

Akkineni Akhil is impressed with his dancing skills but not with Acting. He has to hone his acting skills before embark on his next film. On the scale of 1to 10 I will go with 8 for his dance and 5 for his acting. Even actress Sayesha Saigal made her debut with this film. Inspite of Language barrier, She expressed the emotions very well. The saviour of commercial potboilers, Brahmanandam did a good job. Mahesh Manjrekar’s role is too poor. The antagonist role is also not up to the standards. Rajendra Prasad did a guest appearance, It is good. Nagarjuna has come up with his super hit song Kanne pettero (Hello brothers) in a cameo role.

On the whole, Akhil The Power of Jua will give you déjà vu feel. Lackluster Narrative costs the film too much. Akhil’s dancing skills and Brahmanandam comic timing are the only saving grace of this 131 minutes film. I will go with two and half out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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