Cheekati Rajyam Movie Review


Rating : 3/5.

Cast : Kamal Haasan, Trisha, Prakash Raj, Sampath and Others.

Directed by : Rajesh M selvan.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Thriller.

Music : Ghibran.

Bottom Line : Gritty Thriller.

When I heard title Cheekati Rajyam  I felt like it is rhythmic to classic film, Akhali Rajyam. Abruptly, Kamal Haasan retro look flashes on my mind. As I saw the first promo, It reminded me of  Hollywood superhit film, Taken. I wondered, How Kamal Haasan would fit into the shoes of Liam Nesson. But After learning that film is the remake of French film Nuit Blanche.I came to conclusion it has nothing do with Liam except the subtle similarities between characters.

Cheekati Rajyam opens at dawn, with a pair of masked men narrowly managing to seize 10 kilos of uncut cocaine in a carjacking heist that leaves one of the thieves, Diwakar played by Kamal Haasan, nursing a nasty stab wound. Bleeding from the gut, but making it home in time to get his son, Vaasu ready for school. As usual, Diwakar is clearly swamped by his conflicted duties as crook, cop and divorced dad. Something or someone in Diwakar’s life is bound to suffer, and it turns out to be his son Vaasu, snatched from school and held for ransom by a drug dealer, Vittal Rao ( Prakash Raj) who calls from the kid’s cell to let Diwakar know he wants his drugs back. As night falls, the action shifts to Vittal’s Pub, where Diwakar tucks the stash above a men’s room toilet stall. Later, He discovers that the bag has been moved elsewhere. What Diwakar will do is rest of the story.

Though it is said to be bilingual film, The makers failed to create that vibe to audiences, It was like Telugu dubbed Tamil film, where most of the cast are Tamil actors. Kamal Haasan long associate, Rajesh M Selva might be inspired from French film Nuit Blanche and executed it. It is good to see redudant songs in this gritty thriller where as Ghibran composed Background score gives the aura of Thriller. As most of the shoot is happened in a pub, You will witness music, girls and boys shake their legs. The Tarmac kitchen serves as wrestle ring.

Kamal Haasan played a narcotic bureau control officer. Asusal, He incarnate into the character. When he says his son ‘Neekanna naku evaru important kadhu e lokam lo’ ( No one is important for me other than you),that subtle emotion enough to tell us what is Kamal Haasan. Trisha is also played an officer as well, Who thwarts the attempts of Kamal in saving his son from drug dealer. Prakash Raj played the role of a drug delaer. Here, He looked so wicked and at the same time churned out few laughs, while making conversation with his other cast members on screen. Rest of the Cast played their roles pretty well.

Overall, Cheekati Rajyam might have failed to give the aura of bilingual film but it is enthralled the viewers with Gritty screenplay. Better to do not expect high octane chases or else you would be disappointed. It  is tale of a father who wants to protect his son from crooks. I will go with three out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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