Kumari 21F Movie Review


Rating : 3.5/5.

Cast : Raj Tarun, Heebah Patel and Others.

Directed by : Palnati Surya Pratap.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance Comedy.

Release Date : 20th November 2015.

Music : Devi Sri Prasad.

Bottom Line : Importance of Trust in a relationship.

Director Sukumar is very popular for his innovative stories and Stylish making. Now that famous film maker is making his debut as producer with Kumari 21 F, which deals with the confusions in relationships. Sukumar might have a done a research on present generation love. The dialogues and the performance of the cast is so natural. The Stylish director publicized his contemporary story line with the promos and that help to bring the audiences to theatres.

Kumari 21 F kicks off with the narration of imprisoned protagonist, Siddhu played by Raj Tarun, who wants to see himself as a chef in Singapore cruise. One day he bumps into Mumbai based model, Kumari ( Heebah Patel) who also lives in his neighbour hood.They fall for each other. In the meantime, Siddhu’s best friends, who are crooks, spread lewd rumors about Kumari owing to her profession. As a result, Siddhu impugn Kumari’s love. The girl sense the insecurities of siddhu and tells her beau raise his maturity level. Siddhu wants to teach a lesson to kumari by roaming with another girl but his attempts go in vain.In the meantime, Siddhu misunderstands that his girl was a prostitute with the help of his crook friends. what he will do is rest of the story.

We have been witnessing infidelity and misunderstandings between couples from ages. Sukumar takes that line and weaved a wafer thin story. Here, His writing does not confined to present generation misunderstanding. Sukumar is even point his finger at last generation as well. For an instance, The Protagonist mother, when he was kid, split up with her husband owing to misunderstanding that leads to he raised up like a fatherless kid. As there is no Trust there will no be relationship.  There is no lagging scenes and forced comedy it keeps you sit comfortably till the end of the movie. The visuals are vibrant. Top notch work by Rathnavelu. Devi Sri Prasad composed tunes is another asset for this film.

Raj Tarun essayed the role of a insecurity lover, He excelled in every frame. The way he enacted the role is just brilliant. Heebah Patel who was earlier seen as village belle in Ala Ela, played the complete contrast role in her second film and She nailed it. Noel fits into the shoes of antagonist role.

Trust plays a prominent role in any relationship. Despite what happens, The trust keeps your relationship alive. I recommend every film goer must watch it. I will go with three and half out of five.

Reviewed By Shrinu Nakka.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.

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