Size Zero Movie Review


Rating : 3/5.

Cast : Anushka Shetty, Arya, Sonali Chauhan, Prakash Raj and Others.

Directed by : Prakash Kovelmudi.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Comedy Drama.

Release date : 27th November 2015.

Music : MM Keeravani.

Bottom Line : Anushka shines in this experimental film.

Anushka shetty has essayed different avatars this year. In Baahubali, she essayed the role of heinous woman. She played the role of queen Rudramadevi in Gunasekhar’s Rudramadevi. She played the role of heavy looking girl in Size Zero. After a hiatus of four years, Prakash Kovelmudi has teamed up with Anushka for this experimental film.

Size zero is the story of a heavy -looking girl, Soundarya AKA Sweety (Anushka shetty), who always guzzle. Her suitors rejects her owing to over weight. Distressed with the consecutive rejection of marriage proposals, She rejects an NRI, Abhi played by Aarya.Then on Sweety befriends with Abhi and falls in love with him.In the meantime, An NRI girl, Simran ( Sonali Chauhan) enters into the life of Abhi. After learning Abhi loves Simran, Sweety decide to shed her weight by joining Size Zero clinic, Headed by Satyanand ( Prakash Raj). In no time Sweety friend,Jyothi is hospitalised due to the illegal drugs provided by Size Zero Management. Sweety wants to expose about Size Zero illegal activity to the world. Inspite of certain hurdles, Abhi and Simran supports her. In the course, Abhi realise his love for Sweety. How Sweety exposed the illegal activity of size Zero and How she wins her love, forms the crux of the story.

As a director, This is the second film for Prakash Rao. He chooses an another experimental story, which is written by his wife Kanika Dillon.The story is not new to the south audience. We have come across this similar plots in out telugu cinema. Prakash has tried to generate a few laughs by roping in comedian, Brahmanandam but he didn’t get succeed. There are a few unnecessary scenes in the first half, which ruin the mood of audience. In the latter half He roped in top celebrities like Nagarjuna, Vikram, Hansika, Tammaah and other celebrities to create a vibe among audience. He pulled it off well. Talented technicians, cinematographer Nirav shah and musician Keeravani are big assets to the film. Prawin pudi should have been chopped off lagging scenes.

Give any role to Anushka, she has been nailing it from ages. Be it Arundhanthi, Rudramadevi, Devasena and Varna. She puts on lot of weight for Size Zero, She even aced this role with her incredible acting skills. Arya has supported very well. Urvashi has emoted mixed emotions so fabulous as henpecked mother. Versatile actor, Prakash Raj nailed the antagonist role.  Sonal chauhan sizzles the screen. Nagarjuna, Adivi shesh, Lakshmi manchu,Tamannah, Vikram and other celebrities done cameo appearances.

Size Zero should have been a better Movie If it was helmed by the director properly, However, Brilliant Work by the Cast. You can this movie once. I will go with three out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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