Shankarabharanam Movie Review


Rating : 2/5.

Cast : Nikhil Siddhartha, Nanditha Raj, Anjali, Prithvi, Saptagiri and Others.

Directed by : Uday Nandanavanam

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance Comedy.

Release date : 4th December 2015.

Music : Praveen Lakkaraju.

Bottom Line : Kona venkat’s regular yarn.

As the pressure mounts on writer Kona venkat, The popular writer assured that he would come up with a different yarn but sadly, his latest outing, Shankarabharanam is also falls under the routine  narrative category.The first hour is too cliched and the second hour would reminded you of all of the writer previous scripts. We must assume that the only innovative thing in shankarabharanam, is replacing Brahmanandam with Prithvi as a scapegoat.

Kona venkat written latest saga is all about a blithe NRI, Gautam Thakur (Nikhil Siddharth), whose father ( Suman) is a millionaire in US. One day his father gets cheated by his partners. As a result, His father resort to suicide but Gautam thwart him and learns that his dad has to pay 2 Million dollars to Bank of America in  fortnight. His mother suggests that sell her mansion, Shankarabharanam which is in Bihar. He lands in Bihar to sell the mansion. But the twist is here that mansion is full of his relatives, which are headed by his maternal uncle ( Rao Ramesh). Inorder to sell mansion, Gautam Thakur  make empty promises to the family. His cousin, Happy ( Nanditha raj) who wants to go to US by wooing Gautam, proclaim that her cousin will establish a beer factory and It makes him the primary target for Gangsters for hefty ransom. Finally, A gang has managed to abduct Gautam and Happy while he is on the way to sell mansion. What happened next is the rest of the story.

Kona venkat offers a golden chance to an upcoming director, Uday Nandanavanam to direct his product, Shankarabharanam. As I Said before, This one has too cliched story conflated with some forced comedy. Although there is support from Kona Venkat in direction, Uday hasn’t got much source  to regale the viewers owing to lackluster screen writing but cameraman Sai Sri Ram has shooted vibrant visuals that are pumped up by Praveen Lakkaraju composed background score. The director even has failed to show the antagonists as vicious as story demands. Some regressive scenes are there which annoys the viewers. In one of scenes a cop gets raped by a bunch of women gangsters.

Nikhil looks so dashing with muscles BoundHis american accent is good. Even though He sporadically slipped into his regular accent in few frames. Body language is good. Nanditha Raj gets a meaty role and she justified her role. Suman and Sitara confined to less screen space. The Antagonist, Sampath has also got minimal space, that is the biggest drawback. Rao Ramesh is impressive. Anjali has delivered a fine performance. Saptagiri and Prithvi offered a few laughs. The ensemble cast fails to save the film.

Love always wins over money in our films. But sometimes our directors fail to deliver this line in engrossing way. Lackluster screenwriting and cliched story costs the film too much. Anyways, Shankarabharanam is also turned out as Kona venkat’s routine yarn. I will go with two out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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