Bengal Tiger Movie Review


Rating : 3.25/5.

Cast : Ravi Teja, Tamannah Bhatia, Raashi Khanna and Others.

Directed by : Sampath Nandi.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Action Comedy Romance.

Release Date : 10th December 2015.

Music : Bheems.

Bottom Line : Vengeance is the de rigueur for a commercial potboiler.

Bengal tiger is an another commercial potboiler in Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s Career. Three year old film director, Sampath Nandi directed this action entertainer mixed with cliche saga, high octane action sequences, Oomph factor and one liners.

Most of the telugu commercial movies have had vengeance as their primary asset. Even In Racha, Sampath Nandi’s second film was all about Vengeance such as the case with his latest outing,Bengal tiger.

The story begins with a happy go lucky guy, Aakash Narayanan ( Played by Raviteja) in a village called Athreyapuram. He wants to become a popular figure in the state because of getting rejection in a marriage proposal, That drives him to pelt a stone at a state minister (Shiyaji Shinde).  Impressed with gutsy nature of Aakash, State minister recruited him. One day the Minister sends Aakash to escort home minister daughter, Shraddha ( Rashi khanna) from Airport. The political difference comes into the scene, A gang set a trap to kill Shraddha, but Aakash saves her.

As Home minister (Rao Ramesh) tries to perform the marriage of his daughter, Shraddha reveals that she is in love with Aakash. When Home minister announce the marriage of his daughter with Aakash, on the eve on Shraddha’s birthday. Aakash denies the golden opportunity because he is already in love with Cheif Minister (Bomani Irani)’s daughter, Meera (Tamannah) and It made the headlines in media. In no time, He become a celebrity. As Cheif Minister digs the background of Aakash, He finds out the shocking truth about Aakash. What is that truth? and What is the real of intention of Aakash in becoming popular figure form the crux of the story.

Sampath Nandi’s Narrative has the similarities with his previous film, Racha. These two films dealt with vengeance. Avenging Father’s death is the bright similarity between this two action entertainers. The director exploit the body language of his protagonist, and it worked out well. Although, It is a cliched story, Sampath Nandi’s mixed it with High octane action sequences, Oomph factor, One liners and vibrant background music, which are de rigueur for commercial potboilers. After racy first hour, The director has lost grip in second hour and The climax is too banal.

Soundar rajyan’s cinematography I the bright spot of this regular action film. The introductory scene is my favourite out of all frames. Bheems composed peppy tunes but his worked is more pumped up by Chinna scored Background Score. 151 minutes is a good runtime for the film but editor should have been used scissor well.

Asusal Ravi teja gets into the skin of character and lived upto his monicker, Mass Maharaja. His comic timing is feast for fans. Tamannah bhatia made her appearances in second hour, She did it well. Passable performance by Rashi khanna. Both girls vyied for skin show. It is a good thing for the film. Bomani Irani is okay in his role. Poor roles for Rao Ramesh, Brahmanandam and Shiyaji Shinde. Posani, Shankar and Prithvi made you tickle your funny bone..

Bengal tiger is another commercial film in Raviteja’s career. It is not bad but not good enough to take Telugu commercial film another level. One time Watchable for Raviteja’s performance. I will go with three and quarter out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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