Anaganaga Oka Chitram Movie Review


Rating : 1/5.

Cast : Shiva, Megha Sree, Shiyaji Shinde, Prabhas Sreenu, Vennela Kishore, Surya and Others.

Directed by :  J Prabhakar Reddy.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Drama Comedy.

Release date : 11th December 2015.

Music : Vinod.

Bottom Line : Poor Execution by Prema Katha Chitram director.

Anganaga Oka Chitram is the second feature of director J Prabhakar Reddy. His first film Prema katha Chitram had received huge applause from the viewers. In his Second film, He take the theme of Naxalism, and tried to conventionally execute it but the story itself is a huge draw back for the film.

Anganaga Oka Chitram starts with DGP pounces on naxalities. The Naxalite commander, Kranti Veer (Surya) vows to teach DGP a lesson. A childhood buddies, Soma Raju ( played by Shiva) and PK ( Prabhas Sreenu), who want to make big in their lives by becoming film producer and director respectively. Soma Raju’s love interest, Chitti (Megha Sree) belongs to bankrupt royal family.

Soma Raju supports the family of chitti, and works as a bartender. Once a customer (Shiya Shinde) comes as golden duck into Soma Raju’s life. He gives tips in Lakhs. Exuberant Soma Raju introduces his friend PK to the customer for funds to their maiden film but the rich man hesitate to shell out his money on a film. In order to secure funds to their film, The duo devise a plan to abduct their golden duck for ransom. In no time they learns that they kidnapped DGP.

In another plan to save themselves from police, The duo ropes in an aspiring actor Boney ( Vennela Kishore), and projects him as the Naxal commander, Jampanna,the real kidnapper of DGP to the world. As police investigation starts, Boney spilled out the beans. In the meantime, Naxals kidnap DGP, Somraju and Co. what happened next is rest of the story.

Prabhakar Reddy banks on a new writer Ajay Kumar for his Second film, which deals with the battle between a Naxalities and Police. As their promotions says this Prema katha Chitram director focused his screen writing on comedy rather than the theme of the story. Even his debut film had comedy as the primary element but it was an integral part of the story. Here, The scenario is completely different. Too much forced comedy got under the skin of viewers. The director even failed to bring the best in his lead actors.

The runtime is too long editor could have been easily chopped off annonying scenes. Although, The makers go to Georgia for songs shoot, The cameraman failed to make the best use of foreign aesthetic locations. Below par music scored by Vinodh.

New comer, Shiva looks lanky. His acting skills are Alright but he didn’t get good role to prove his trait. Megha Sree has got nothing much to do in the film, Her acting skills are below par. Prabhas Sreenu, Vennela Kishore and Prithvi are saving grace of the film. Passable performance by Surya, JP and Shiyaji Shinde.

All over, Anganaga Oka Chitram has half baked story and it is completely messed up by the director. I will go with one out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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