Kaaki Movie Review


Rating : 2.5/5.

Cast : Jayasudha, Nassar, Ashok Kumar, Megha Sree, Kiran and Others.

Directed by : Manan.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Horror Thriller.

Release Date : 12th December 2015.

Music : Amrith.

Bottom Line : Old Wine in New Bottle.

Kaaki is the tale of a ghost who wants to avenge her death. Although, the Tagline ‘Sound of Warning’ doesn’t match to the film, Kaaki has sporadically offered thrilling moments to the audiences.

In mid night, A bunch of young students having a great time on a Beach, In the meantime, A cop cautioned them about a psycho Killer, Who killed six girls, is absconding. For Changing clothes, They go to a near by house, which is guarded by a hideous watchman, Muttaiah. In no time, The students feel the wrath of a ghost.

A Newly wed NRI couple, Karthik ( Ashok) and Deepthi ( Megha Sree) along with their friend Kiran (Kiran) land in the house, which is the inherited property of Karthik. As Karthik goes to his office, Deepthi starts to experience supernatural things. Watchman, Muttaiah’s Daughter, A six years old kid, who is deaf and dumb keeps try to kill Deepthi. Meanwhile, Kiran learns that Ammu is embodied by a ghost , Maggie. Who is Maggie and Why she avenge her death, forms the crux of the story.

When I heard the title Kaaki, I had thoughts like, is this film inspired from Hollywood film, The Raven? But After watching film, I can assure you that it has nothing to do with The Raven.Although Kaaki is touted as Horror Thriller. It do not have enough scary moments to call it as horror but it has managed to sporadically give thrilling moments. Director Manon failed to give the aura of suspense and Horror.

The narration goes on like a drama. The intial hour is too stretched by establishing characters and the second hour unfurl the mild twist. Mediocre work by Cameraman. Below par Re-recording. Music is not upto the standards of a horror film. Editor should have been chopped off jaded frames of first half.

Ashok Kumar screen presence is alright. Megha Sree has got a good role to emote various emotions but the upcoming actress failed to act the convincing emotions.New actor Kiran’s performance is good. Senior actors Jayasudha and Nassar have justified their roles.

Even though Kaaki  is a old wine invnew bottle, It would have been a better film if I had enough horror, suspense and thrilling elements. Overall, Director Manon failed to show the right path to his characters due to lack of experience. I will go with two and half out of five stars.

Reviewed By Shrinu Nakka.


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