Nenu Sailaja Movie Review

Rating : 3/5.

Bottom Line : A love story blended with family emotions.


Energetic star Ram potheneni didn’t have a good year last year. The youngster has been struggling to bag a hit. After a few commercial misfires, Ram has come up with romantic entertainer on the eve of new year. Let’s check out whether this year will bring good fortune to the actor.

Hari (Ram Pothineni) is a carefree guy, who tries to propose every girl he comes across but no one accept his proposal and that leads him to despair. One day He bumps into an Ad director, Shailaja ( Played by Malayalam actress Keerthi Suresh), who is an introvert. Hari wants to propose her but his past experiences repress his feelings for her. Atlast, They come to know each other in no time. Afterwards, Shailaja finds out that Hari is her childhood love. When Hari tries to propose Shailaja She denies it owing to some Inexplicable reason. You have to see rest of the film on the big screen.

Kishore Tirumala has written a cliched story still It has enough elements to make you entertain through out the runtime. The first hour is all about how the male lead actor expressed his love to his love of interest and the second hour deals with family emotions. Kishore has cleverly written the narrative. It would have been much better movie if it doesn’t have hackneyed story. Actors performance is the bright spot of the film. Editor should have been chopped some childhood scenes which occupied too much screen space. Visuals are soothful to the eyes. Devi Sri Prasad scored songs are catchy.

It is a calk walk role for Ram Pothineni. he has been enacting these kind of roles from his debut. He nailed it with his energetic Performance. As the character is introvert, New girl to the industry Keerthi Suresh did have much to do on the screen.In climax, she emoted very well. Satyaraj’s character is the backbone of the film, He did it with ease. Prince, Sri mukhi, Naresh, Pragathi and Rohini have supported very well. Sye Villain Pradeep Singh rawat has offered force comedy, it didn’t go well with the audiences.

On the whole,  Nenu Shailaja has a cliched story but it was supported well by the lead cast performance. Kishore Tirumala has done a good job on his debut. The actress looks chubby and quite elder than Ram. Anyways Nenu Shailaja is another routine film but still it has some sparkle moments. You can watch the film on the big screen once. I will go with three out of five Stars.

Happy New Year.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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