Wazir Movie Review

Rating : 3/5.

Bottom Line : N/A.


Vidhu Vinod Chopra might be a great lover of Chess game. The characters he written in wazir, transformed into pawns on the chess board and kicks off the game. Sometimes dark takes on white and Vice versa and at the end good side wins the game.

Shaitan director Bejoy Nambiar directed this action Thriller stars Farhan Akhtar, who played the role of Anti Terrorism squad officer, Danish Ali, Who lost his little girl to ambushed terrorist firing. His lovable wife Ruhana ( Played by Aditi Rao Hydari) estranged him owing to his irresponsibility. Devastated Danish wants to avenge his daughter death. Afterwards, He learns about the whereabouts of terrorists and kills them and it leads to his suspension.

But His ordeal resort to him to suicide, In the meantime, A physically handicapped old man, Omkar nath Dhar AKA Pandit ji ( Ambitabh Bachchan) thwarts him, and teaches Chess game to him. In no time, They become good friends. Pandit ji tells his ordeal to Danish, that his girl is murdered by a Central Minister, Qureshi (Manav) but the wicked politician promulgate it as mishap. As Pandit ji expressed his anger over the politician, Wazir (Neil Nitin Mukesh) enters into the game to intimidate Pandit ji and Danish. Who is the real Wazir and How Danish sloves the case are the moves you have to watch on the big screen.

The films biggest drawback is plot line. There are no enough twists and turns as the promos promised. Abhijat joshi and Vinod Chopra written narrative is  merely banked on the performances of the lead cast. Bejoy Nambiar extracted the finest performance in his actors. 103 minute runtime is another saving grace of the film. Otherwise the story would turn out as chewing gum.

Sanu John Varghese camerawork is absolutely great. Most of the frames are like Black and white which implies us that the yarn is Chess game between good and evil. A bunch of musicians composed music, None of them are too catchy to him except tere bina song.

Amitabh bachchan plays the role of a physically handicapped man who seeks the revenge on wicked politician. He nailed the role with his impeccable dialogue delivery and emotions. Perhaps the aura of Amitabh makes farhan akthar to emote more as required. He too pulled off the role with ease. Though Neil Nitin Mukesh screen space is too minimal, the actor made his mark. Aditi Rao hyadari and Manav supported very well.John Abraham made a good cameo appearance.

The first biggest commercial film of 2016 made its mark on the audiences. Go and watch the action Thriller on this weekend. I will go with three out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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