Dictator Movie Review

Rating : 2/5.

Bottom Line : This Dictator gets under the skin of audiences.


Dictator is the prestigious 99th film of actor Nandamuri Balakrishna. So, There is inevitable pressure on the actor and director Sriwas to offer a memorable film to the audiences. Unfortunately, The film turns out to be a regular commercial potboiler, in which hero does irrational stunts, Mouths heavy one liners and duet with leading lady of the film.

Dictator is all about a man called  Chandu (Balakrishna) who leads a peaceful life with his In-laws. He works as an incharge at Dharma mart. An aspiring actress, Indu ( Sonal Chauhan) bumps into Chandu. One day A goon ( Vikram jeet) tries to abduct Indu, In the mean time, Chandu saves Indu from the goon and that lands him in a big trouble.

One day, Chandu gets arrested by the police for stealing five Lakhs of rupees from the Mart, Its chairman, Rajasekhar (Suman) comes to know about chandu and gets astonished. Then the viewers get introduced to flashback episode of chandu. What is that flashback? is rest of the story.

The story Written by Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan is too hackneyed. We have seen this kind of storylines innumerable of times in telugu cinema. Here, The biggest drawback is, the screen writers, didn’t even try to narrate a routine story in an innovative way. It is a simple story, The protagonist real identity kept under wraps in first half and reveals the identity in second half. In the end, protagonist reached his goal. Superhit films like Indra, Baasha, Balupu and other movies fall into this category.

One could expect a lot of entertainment from Sriwas after watching Loukyam, But the director prowess was degraded by the poor plot. Some unnecessary emotional content should have been chopped off by the editor. Mediocre music by Thaman. Only saving grace of the film in technical department is shyam K naidu Camera work.

Even the actor Balakrishna has nothing new to do in the film. In his previous 98 films, He had done this kind of roles more than a couple times. Asusal, There was nothing went well with the actor too. Sonal Chauhan paired up with Balakrishna again after legend. Her performance is alright. Anjali’s performance as Kathyayini reminded me of her character in Balupu. Rati Agnihotri and Vikram jeet roles are poorly written by the duo writers.

Dictator has less scope to offer much on the screen except siphoning old wine to a new bottle. Hackneyed script degraded the performances of actors and director’s prowess. Even though there was imense pressure on cast and crew to make Balakrishna’s 99th film so memorable, They failed to do it owing to routine story. I will go with two out of five stars for this dictator.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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