Nanaku Prematho Movie Review

Rating : 4/5.

Bottom Line : Encounters between the Protagonist and Antagonist, is a treat to watch.


Nanaku Prematho is far contrary to the old formula revenge dramas, which mainly bank on intense action sequences, Gory frames, futile comedy, One liners And Axle wielding heros. Here, The premise is completely different from we usually see in regular commercial potboilers. In the latest feature of NTR, The actor plays a mind game with the Antagonist.

Nanaku Prematho is the yarn of a young man, Abhiram (NTR), Who is intelligent and so conscious about his emotions. He starts a company called KMC company to reach his goal. His utmost priority in life is his father, Harish Chandra Prasad (Rajendra Prasad), who suffers from a deadly disease and it makes him to survive not more than a month.

Devastated Harish Chandra tells his three sons ( The other two sons are played by Rajeev Kanakala and Srinivas Avasarla), He was a millionaire and got swindled by a cunning tycoon, Krishna Moorthy ( Jagapathi Babu) and he wants to see krishnamoorthy’s fall before his life ends.

Abhiram wants to fulfill his father last wish by carrying out a mission called Operation Zero, Its ultimate goal is to make Krishna murthy bankrupt. In the process, Abhiram woos Krishnamoorthy’s daughter, Divyanka ( Rakul Preet Singh). With the aid of Divyanka, Abhiram manages to meet Krishnamoorthy. But the cunning businessman, finds out the true motive of Abhiram.How abhiram will fulfill his father’s last wish, is rest of the story.

Sukumar written story might be a waferthin on paper, But he successfully turned It to gripping narrative. some may argue that there is no too much emotional content as required. Here, The Protagonist himself aware of his emotions. He is pragmatic. So, How could we expect too much emotion from that kind of man.  NTR has given the career best performance. We have seen the actor in mundane avatar so far. For the first time, He looked so calm and composed on the screen. Sukumar deserve praise for transformation of the actor.

What I liked most about the film is Whenever, I feel This scene is preposterous, In next scene, Sukumar has come up with an answer. The face off between Protagonist and Antagonist. It is a treat to watch. Jagapathi Babu stepped into the shoes of Villain role. His body language as cunning businessman is outstanding. It is quite rare where the actress to get  a pivotal role in a telugu film, but Sukumar actresses are exempt to that category.The leading lady, Rakul Preet Singh looked so gorgeous. Desire language barrier, Her own voice over is also good. That Nana in the title, Played by Rajendra Prasad, The veteran actor nailed the role with ease and Other actors supported well.

Devi sri prasad scored music is a big asset for the film. Na Manusu neelo and I Wanna follow follow you went well the audience. The theme music of Nanaku prematho is soothful. There is nothing wrong with editing department, Navin Nooli edited the film into comfortable 151 minute. The whole shoot takes place in Europe, Vijay K Chakravarthy captured some vibrant visuals.

After a heavy promotions, Nanaku Prematho is opened today in theatres, It lived up to its promos. Some feel that intense moments are missing. Protagonist characterization is an answer for that. Although, The plot might be a predictable but gripping narration keeps you on the edge of your seats. I will go with four out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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