Express Raaja Movie Review

Rating : 3/5.

Bottom Line : Super fast paced narrative.


In Nananku Prematho, There is a dialogue that An incident changes the course of another incident. This dialogue is absolutely suits to the narrative of Express Raaja. In this romantic comedy entertainer, Every character is cleverly interlinked with each other and has their own importance.The director generated lot of entertainment with connecting each character. After having a decent hit on his debut, Melapaka Gandhi, made this film with UV Creations funds.

The story begins In Visakhapatnam with A carefree guy, Raaja ( Sharwanand) who only job is to enjoy the life to the fullest.  His father ( Nagineedu) who believes in service the society, scowled at him for not being a responsible person. The only thing he despise in his life is a dog. One day, A cop ( Posani Krishna Murali) who is also the school mate of raja’s father sends him to Hyderabad for job.

After landing in Hyderabad, He bumps into a gutsy damsel, Amulya (Surabhi) and woos her. As girl about to say yes. The poor guys finds himself in trouble by confining ammu’s dog in municipal corporation. Inorder to impress Ammu agajn, Raaja wants to gift the same dog on her birthday. In the course, He cope with some incidents. you have to see all those incidents on the screen.

Melapaka Gandhi, who made his debut with Venkatadri Express, made this film roping in Sharwanand for the lead role. The young lad has justified the role with his energetic performance. His on-screen chemistry with his leading lady is good. Gandhi has come up with cleverly written screenplay, which makes you laugh till the end. If you ask me what is the best thing about Express Raaja I would say each character is interlinked and has their own importance.

Although, It is a second feature for Gandhi, He executed it with no major flaws. The female lead, Surabhi is alright in her role. Comedians Saptagiri and Prabhas Sreenu steal the show in first hour. Oorvashi is excelled at showing double variations. Supreet might be intimidating in first hour, Afterwards, He joined the team of comedians. The Antagonist performance is not bad.

There more close up shorts by. Karthik ghattameneni and they are blended with some colorful visuals. Praveen Lakkaraju scored peppy tunes and it went well with as audiences especially Chilka song.

Comedy is a big asset to this film despite some subtle flaws. Sharwanand energetic Performance sumps up the narrative. Surabhi should have given much better performance. Allover, Express Raaja managed to catch the attention of audiences inspite of other big releases.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka

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