AirLift Movie Review

Rating : 4/5.

Bottom Line :  You can’t take eyes off the screen.


We have come across trajedy at least once in life and we learn a lot out of it. Based on a real life Trajedy, Raja Krishnan Menon penned the story, which deals with the largest evacuation in human history. 1,70,000 Refugees,488flights, 59 days, and 1 man.

In 1990 An Indian entrepreneur, Ranjit Katiyal (Akshay Kumar), who settle in Kuwait, proclaims himself as kuwaitan rather than Indian. You can also sense that he despise his own country. He survives with his lovable wife, Amrita ( Nimrata Kaur) and Adorable daughter. Everything  goes well until the iraq army invaded kuwait.

Ruthless Iraq Army launch attack on the public and private property of Kuwait and targets Kuwaitin. The government abscond their people on their own. As Ranjit Katiyal tries to check on the situation, He gets nabbed and his chauffeur is killed by the Iraq Army. As Iraq has good relations with India, Ranjit manage to get immunity from Iraq Army after negotiation with Army major (Inaamulhaq).

When Ranjit prepare to go back to his own country, He learns that thousands of Indians are eager to go back to india but they are hapless. It moves his heart and abruptly change him into a patriot. With help of his other indian business friends, He manage to get shelter for 170k Indians and contacts Indian MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs) office for help. An officer Sanjeev Kohli tries to help them despite minister pathetic attitude. How will thousands of Indians go back to their home. What are the issues they dealt with,? and How Ranjit Katiyal played pivotal role in large evacuation? are important parts of the story.

Although, The real trajedy happened 25 years ago, Raja Krishna Menon, took me on his vehicle back to 90, He penned the true events into riveting narrative and kept me not to take my eyes off the screen. The brillaint performances by the cast sumps up the direction. As Runtime is 124 minutes, You can comfortably watch this real life trajedy based film. Top notch work by the cameraman. Arjit Dutta scored Background Score is very impressive.

After a few commercial misfires, Khiladi did an experimental film. The actor got too much scope to exhibit his acting skills owing to the content. He flawlessly justified the role. The Lunch Box actress Nimrat Kaur also did a good job. Purab kohli is an another actor, made his mark. Rest of the cast supported very well.

Airlift is a perfect film to watch on this republic day. It will subtly instill patriotism in you. The riveting Screenplay steal the show along with Stellar performance by the cast. I will go with four out of five stars.


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