LacchimDeviki O Lekkundhi Movie Review

Rating : 2/5.

Bottom Line : A good concept is brutally killed by poor direction.


After a promising debut with Andhala Rakshasi, Lavanya Tripati and Naveen Chandra are emerging as talented actors in Telugu cinema. The actors are joined hands again for LOL, which is bank crime Thriller blended up with comedy. Rajamouli associate Jagadish Talasila is the director.

Lacchimdeviki O lekkundhi is the tale of a bank crime. It starts with Reserve bank of India decree all banks in the country should update the unclaimed accounts details on their website so it paves way to real heirloom to claim their property. The news grabs the attention of fraudsters, Mahesh ( Ajay) and Jo ( Bhanu Sri) and They want to exploit the situation.

The wicked fraudsters ensnared a banker, Naveen ( Naveen Chandra), who works at Janata Bank of India, one of the banks do not update the unclaimed accounts data on their website. So, It is hassle free process to claim the others property by pseudo documents. JBI cashier, Devi ( Lavanya Tripathi) and Bank Manager, Somyajulu ( Jaya Prakash reddy) are the only persons who can access the unclaimed accounts data in the bank. By wooing Devi, Naveen manages to get the data and give it the fraudsters.

Mahesh and Jo zeroed in on two accounts, Ankalamma and Umadevi, which holds crores of rupess. As The fraudsters go bank to claim the property, The bank manager, Somayajulu, divulges the shocking truth to them.Rest of the story you have to watch in theatre.

The film has a good concept but the director, Jagadish Talasila, who assisted Ace film maker, Rajamouli, failed to mould a good concept into enthralling narrative. The screen writing has dearth of punch in key scenes. The intial twenty minutes are diligently executed and the next hour has slapstick comedy. The debut film maker may thought to finish the film in 110 minutes to keep the twists intact. Unlike his mentor, Jagadish failed to highlight the key scenes, which are soul to the film.Keeravani scored music is a big asset to the film. camera man does a decent job.

Naveen Chandra perfectly stepped into the shoes of banker. His on- screen chemistry with Lavanya Tripati is also good. After two consecutive hits with Bhale Bhale Magadivoy and Soggade Chinni Nayana, Lavanya Tripati did this film, The actress is shown in three different shades, She pulled all those with ease. Another star of this bank crime thriller, is Jayaprakash reddy. He offered few chuckles with his comic timing. Passable performance by  Ajay and Bhanu Sri. Brahmaji, Narra Srinu and others shown in poorly written roles.

Lacchimdeviki O lekkundhi would have been a much better film if it had enough proper punch in key scenes. The lackluster screen writing dents Lavanya Tripati hat trick chance. A Good concept is brutally killed by the poor direction. I will go with two out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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