Aranmanai 2 Movie Review

Rating : 2.5/5.

Bottom Line : Not as good as the first installment but still it’s made mark on the audience.


A couple of years ago, director Sundar.C had come up with a horror film, Aranmanai and it received huge applause from audiences. Now, The same director has come up with Arnamanai 2, which was touted as sequel, But It doesn’t relate to the first installement except interms of horror. This one has ensemble cast : Siddharth Narayan, Trisha, Hansika. Poonam Bajwa and Sundar C.

Aranmanai 2 kicks off with a Zamindar plans to peform Kumbhabhishekam to Goddesses of their village. Until the Kumbhabhishekam gets completed, The Goddesses doesn’t go against dark forces. In the meantime, Some local tantriks, evoke Ghosts, Abruptly, A ghost enters into the mansion of zamindar and throws him from the first floor. After learning about his father, youngest son, Murali, ( Siddharth) and his fiance, Anitha ( Trisha), who are in abroad, lands in Mansion.

While Zamindar is bed-ridden, All family members feel the aura of ghost. It kills the chauffeur and eldest son of Zamindar. It also tries to kill Murali and his nephew. In the mean time, Anitha’s brother, Ravi ( Sundar C) enters in to the mansion to allay the fears of family. Who is the ghost? Why it is after Zamindar family? what happened in the end. You will get answers to all these questions in the theatre.

Arnamanai 2 has no major difference with the other horror films, which had arrived at the box office in recent times. Even this horror film has the same revenge drama by changing some elements in narrative. The primary drawback for a horror film is predictable Screenplay. Venkat Raghavan should have innovatively tried to scare the viewers with his writing. The ensemble cast sumps up the work of director a bit. Cliche frames by Cameraman Senthil. Visuals effect are effectively used by the VFX team. Hip Hop Tamzhia scored medicore music.However, Background Score is loud and a bit scary.

Siddharth Narayan is quite familiar for his lover boy roles in Telugu cinema but the actor tried to enact experienmental roles and his film turned out as commercial misfires at the box office. However, Siddharth has got nothing to exhibit his acting skills here. It is an easy role for him and he did it with ease. After a long time, Trisha Krishnan paired up opposite Siddharth, She failed to nail her role, especially in the climax. Hansika pulled off the role with ease as she did in the first part. Sundar C and Poonam Bajwa did their roles very well.

On the whole, Aranmanai 2 might failed to emulate the first installment but the horror film made its mark. Lackluster narrative makes the audiences predictable every scene. That is the biggest drawback of the film. However, This second part Is still  watchable once if you like horror films. I will go with two and half out of five stars.


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