Speedunnodu Movie Review

Rating : 2.5/5.

Bottom Line : Old wine in New bottle.


Speedunnodu is the second feature of Bellamkonda Sreenivas who made his debut with Alludu Seenu. With the first film, He grabbed the attention of Movie goers and awarded Filmfare for best debut. He has teamed up with Annavaram director, Bhimaneni Srinivas for Speedunnodu, The remake of Tamil superhit film, Sundarpandian. let’s go into the details how the veteran director dealt with this remake.

Speedunnodu sets in Venkatapuram village, Where people celebrate when the couple blessed with a baby girl. Meanwhile, whoever tries to woo a young girl of that village, will take a ticket to hell. On the other side, a near by village head, Veerabhadrudu ( Prakash Raj) son, Shoban (Bellamkonda Sreenivas), who always find pleasure in helping out friends whenever they embroil in difficult situation.

One day shoban’s friend tries to woo Venkatapuram Village head (Rao Ramesh) daughter, Vaasanthi ( Sonarika Bhadoria) on bus, As Shoban helps his friend to propose the girl, She denies his friend proposal and falls for him. In the meantime, Vaasanthi’s father comes to know that she in love with shoban.

Vaasanthi’s father wants to perform the poor girl marriage with his nephew Jagan ( Kabir Singh). Meanwhile, Shoban imprsioned owing to kill a mutual friend. Twist in the tale is, Jagan is also one of shoban’s friends.How Shoban wins his love back despite all odds?is rest of the story.

After Sudigadu, Bhimaneni Srinivas has come up with the remake film, which deals with friendship and love in a balanced way. The director made a few changes in the script for nativity. The screen writing reminded me of 90’s revenge drama blended with comedy and emotional content. The first hour is breezy and filled with comedy and all the emotional content you can see in Second half. Climax saves the film upto some extent. Editing should have been crisper, 150 minutes is quite lengthy. All the frames, Especially terrain and locations are aesthetically shot by Cameraman. Mediocre music by DJ Vasant.

Although this is his second film, Sreenivas, nailed the role with his body language and dancing skills. Jaadugadu actress Sonarika Bhadoria has improvised her acting skills in this film.Prakashraj screen space is less, Still he made his mark. Rao Ramesh justified his role. Posani, Prithvi, Shankar, Satya and Srinivas Reddy offered laughs with their respective comic timing. Kabir Singh didn’t get much screen to prove his mettle. Chaitanya Krishna is shown in important role but failed to made his mark.

On the whole, Speedunnodu is another routine commercial entertainer. Climax is the saving grace of the film, music is a big let down.Tammaah item number is another star attraction to the film. Though the film is no where to the original version, It is still Watchable once. I will go with two and half out of Five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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