Krishna gaadi Veera prema Gaadha Movie Review

Rating : 3.5/5.

Bottom Line :  A Must watch film.


A few days ago, I come across a quote on fear by clement stone. ‘ Thinking will not overcome fear but Action will. The latest outing, Krishna gaadi veera prema Gaadha reminded me of that quote. Here, The protagonist, who hails from Rayalaseema, The place mostly popular for faction fights, fear for his life. His only strength is his childhood sweet heart. We have comes across this sort of storylines umpteen times. but this one is quite different from other stories.

Krishna gaadi veera prema gaadha is the tale of a wimp guy, Krishna (Nani) falls in love with his childhood friend, Mahalaxmi (Meheren) but the poor guy prefer to put his love affair under wraps owing to Maha Laxmi brother, Ramaraju who is the main guy of a faction leader, Ranga. Krishna doesn’t reveal his love affair to even his friends. Although, Krishna and Mahalaxmi deeply love each other, the couple make fun of each other in front of everyone.

Ramaraju tries to perform the marriage of his sister but the girl several ways to skip the proposal but in the end her efforts gone vain. She warns Krishna that If he won’t ask the consent of her brother for marriage, She will commit suicide.what happened next is the rest of the story. The plot is full of twists and  I don’t want to kill ur curiosity by revealing all the details.

In Bhale Bhale Magadivoy, Natural star, Nani played the role of an absent minded guy. Here, He played the coward. The young actor justified the role as he did it in his previous feature. Director Hanu Raghava pudi has wittly written the Screenplay, which is a major strength to the film. The conflation of Romance, Action, comedy and thrilling elements is highlight of the film.

Director of photography yuvraj shot some brilliant frames. Opening aerial shot, and climax frames are my favourite. Vishal Chandra has scored vibrant background music but failed to earn brownie points with songs.There are a few lagging scenes in the second hour it should have been chopped off.

Debut girl, Mehren hits the bull-eye on her debut.She is extremely impressive. Her on screen chemistry with Nani is superb.The combination of 30 years industry Prithvi, Prabhas srinu and Murali Sharma tickled the funny bone. Brahmaji and Sampath are Okay in their respective roles. All the kids, especially the little kid generated a few laughs with her cute dialogue delivery.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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