Krishnastami Movie Review

Rating : 2/5.

Bottom Line : Insipid screenwriting by the director.


The focal point of the Krishnastami is Love always prevail over revenge. This point is once upon a time avant garde element for Telugu cinema directors. Now, Vasu Varma, who made directorial debut with Josh, has come up with that concept. The screen writing reminded me of writer Kona Venkat Mark in writing, Protagonist fooling the Antagonist and his family.

Krishnastami Is the tale of an NRI, Krishna (Sunil), A video game developer in US. He always want to return back to india to meet his loved ones and settle in motherland. But his family thwarts him by citing some astrology reasons. However, Desperate Krishna, boards a plane to return back to India. While waiting for connecting flight in Europe, He bumps into an NRI, Dr. Ajay Kumar (Ajay) and his son and became good friends in no time.In the mean time, He falls in love with an another NRI, Pallavi, (Nikki Galarani). After landing in India, Some goons try to kill Krishna, but Ajay became their victim and comatosed. Krishna takes Ajay son to his Ajay family to tell the truth. what happened next is the rest of the story.

Krishnastami Is the second outing for director vasu Varma after Josh.Like in his debut film, He failed to make mark on the audience even with this film. The lackluster screen writing and poor story line costs the film. You get feel like the film is the mixture of  Dil Raju produced previous films. Every frame is so aesthetically shot by eminent cinematographer, Chota K Naidu. His work is the major highlight of the film. A folk song is catchy remaining songs are not upto the standard of a commercial film, Mediocre music by Dinesh. Production design is so grandiose.

It’s been two years Actor Sunil made his presence on the big screen. Finally, he come up with Krishnastami. The comedian turned hero managed stepped into the shoes of Krishna role, but he failed to live up to expectations. His moves are not upto the mark.
Nikki Galarani, new face to Telugu cinema Audiences, might have faced with language problem. Her lip sync doesn’t match to the dialogues.However, She sizzles the screen with her glamour.Another actress Dimple chopade played her role very well. Saptagiri and Posani Krishna Murali offered laughs in the middle of tedious Screenplay.

On the whole, The long wait didn’t bring good fortune to actor Sunil. lackluster plot and screenplay are the major drawback of the film. Cinematography and Production design are the only major highlights of the film. I will go with two out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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