Malupu Movie Review

Rating : 3/5.

Bottom line : An engrossing Thriller.


Malupu is the latest feature of Adhi pinnisetty. It is the Telugu dubbed film of a Tamil film, Yagavarayinum Kakka.The film deals with friendship versus family. This film is quite eye treat to thriller genre lovers. director satya prabhas pinnisetty written this Thriller story by blending up with commercial elements.Let’s go into the details what is this malupu all about.

Satya Ganesh (Aadhi) is a middle class guy and  a graduation student in Visakhapatnam, leads an happy life with his three best friends, who  are rich. They wantedly to skip their last year exams to enjoy more time with each other. Even though there is a difference in their financial status, They fond of each other.

Saga falls in love with a straightforward girl,  Lasya (Nikki Galarani). They tease each other. Things are going well until his friends embroiled in a scuffle with a girl, priya (Richa) and her boyfriend later the girl gets murdered by a mysterious person during new year celebrations. you have to watch rest of the thrilling story on the big screen.

Even though malupu is said to be a true story, Director satya prabhas pinnisetty created a good thriller stage based on true incidents with his writing. The audiences are given puzzles in the first hour, The director solves it in the next hour. The way he put the suspense elements under wraps till the climax, is good but at the same time, the penultimate frames are quite unconvincing. It could have been much better. Tamilnadu slum locations are nicely shot by the cameraman. The quality of visuals are too good. Songs are not catchy, yet the composer made his mark with the background score. I felt runtime is quite long it should be trimmed at least five to ten minutes.

Aadhi who won the hearts Telugu audiences with the films like Vyshanavi and Gundello Godhaari, has given phenomenal performance, He gets into the ski of protagonist role. Nikki Galarani didn’t get much screen space to do on the screen, However, She made her mark with minimal role. Bollywood actor Mithun Chakraborthy played a pivotal role in the film, He pulled it off with ease. Nassar and other cast have justified their characters.

Malupu is a perfect film to beguile the time for Thriller genre lovers. Climax is a bit loses the soul of tje film.The way he unfolds the suspense didn’t go well with the viewers. However, I will go with three out of five stars for offering good time.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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