Kshanam Movie Review

Rating : 3.5/5.

Bottom Line : A Riveting Thriller.


When I saw the trailer it made me curious about the concept of the film.Generally, we find loose ends in thriller movies, But here, The Actor and Screen writer, Adivi sesh is meticulously written the story and screenplay in association with Ravikanth perupu, who marks his directorial debut with this thriller.

Adivi sesh written story is the ordeal of a mother, Swetha ( Adah Sharma), search for her four year old daughter, who is kidnapped by some mysterious persons. She doesn’t find help in her husband in searching daughter. Moreover, He claims that they don’t have a daughter. Not only her husband, The neighbours, Society and the police too says that kidnap is just an illusion.

At this predicament, She calls her ex- boyfriend, Rishi played by Adivi Sesh, An NRI, lands in India, investigate about kidnap. Where he goes, the answer is same, They claim, Swetha doesn’t have daughter. However, He suspects a few persons but clueless. Inspite of some qualms, Rishi comes to conclusion. Swetha’s daughter doesn’t exist. As he tries to say it to Swetha, She commits suicide owing to nobody is believing her. What happened next is the rest of the story.

The story is the primary asset for the film, which has lots of twists, it is superb writing by adivi sesh. He took some time to establish the characters. once all characters are reveleaed, The narrative turns into racy. Screenplay is well supported by picturesque frames shot by camera man, Shaneil deo. The american based cinematographer infuse enthusiasm in audiences with the breath taking aerial shots and beautiful tracking shots, Infact, Some frames prompt me say that kshanam is nothing short of a hollywood film. Director Ravikanth did a fabulous job on his debut, and he even played a small role in the film. Editor has trimmed the film into a riveting thriller. The background score is also on par with the international film.

After a few misfires as a solo hero, Adivi Sesh is back with the gripping thriller and nailed the protagonist role. After a long time, I have seen glamrous doll Adah Sharma in a good role and she justified it. Her face is expressive in emotional scenes. VJ Anusuya got a pivotal role, She could have been delivered much better performance, especially in climax. Satyam Rajesh is an another actor, pulled off the arrogant police officer role and subtly offered laughs. Ravi Varma and Vennela Kishore played their roles pretty well.

Kshanam is one of the well- Crafted films that I have seen in recent times. It has all the elements, which are the de rigueur for a thriller. I will go with three and half stars out of five, for this riveting thriller.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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