Guntur Talkies Review

Rating : 3/5.

Bottom Line : Strictly for Adults.


Praveen Sattaru received special applause from all over the country for his second feature, Chandamama kathalu, which won national award for best telugu film of 2015.Now His latest outing, Guntur talkies is too contrary to his other two films in terms of genre. This latest feature of this LBW director, is a dark comedy, which is a rare genre, attempted by our telugu cinema directors.

Guntur talkies is the tale of two small crooks, Giri (Naresh) and Hari ( Siddhu), worked as assistants at pharmacy. With the pittance salary, they struggle to eke out their lives. They might be small crooks, but they don’t prefer to steal costly items owing to police risk.One night they burgle a house, At that moment, they break their primary rule, Never steal money, and it lands them in a big problem. What is their problem? and How they dealt it? are main parts of the story.

With his directorial debut, LBW, Praveen sattaru, impressed the urban audiences. His second feature gained the critical acclaim. Now his third film, Is set to enthrall the front seaters. The narrative might be inspired by other languages, but his concept is too genuine. He evoked laughs from the viewers with too much double entendres. After a good establishment of  film concept in first hour, the director failed to continue that momentum in second hour, however, it is a good narrative by the screen writer.

Even though visuals are quite medium quality, Camera angles are good. Cameraman Ram Reddy showed us his brilliance in Nee sontham song. Music composer Sri charan, who composed music for recent hit film. Kshanam, again proved his talent. The movie should be trimmed aleast five minutes in second half.

Versatile actor Naresh, gets into the skin of the character. His performance is too natural as small time crook. Youngster, Siddhu compete with his senior colleague in terms of acting.Both the lead actors, Naresh and Siddhu are silver linings of the film. Mahesh Manjrekar’s dialogue delivery is good. Too much expletives by the dialogue writer and it went well with the audience. Rashmi Gautam has got nothing much to do on the screen apart from sizzle the screen in the only song. Shraddha das played a minimal role, Her body language is fabulous. The other cast played their roles very well.

On the whole, Guntur Talkies is a adult comedy film, It is executed very well by the director. Five minutes trimmed second half could have been much helpful for the film.Actors natural performance is the silver lining of the film despite stereotyped narration. You will enjoy this film if you like adult comedy films. I will go with three out of five stars for this adult comedy.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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