Shourya Movie Review

Rating : 2.5/5.

Bottom Line : Poor screenplay botched up the thrilling moments.


In recent times, Telugu cinema directors are trying to prove themselves by attempting all kind of genre films and even the viewers also encouraging them by embracing those movies. Mr.Perfect director Dasardh, who is famous for family entertainers, has also come up with thriller genre, which is not previously attempted by him.

Manchu manoj played the role of Shourya, who is graduated from Harvard university and sensitive by nature. He gets attached to the people in no time and the same time, If someone stabs him in the back he won’t hesitate to settle the scores. One day he come across Nethra ( Regina Cassandra)  and falls for her.

Nethra initially misunderstand Shourya owing to some reasons then gets engaged to a techie, Nandhu. After a few days, she realises the goodness of Shourya, and falls for him. As their love blossoms, Nethra’s father ( Naagineedu) gives his word for their marriage and insists nethra to move close Nandhu till their engagement gets amicably cancelled. Nethra and Shourya plan to go to UK. In the meantime, Nethra is killed by some mysterious person. What is the truth would be investigated by a cop,Chaitanya Krishna, ( Prakash raj ).

Through their promotions, The makers revelaed the concept of the film. There are three views of every incident. one is rumor, other is accused summary and another is truth. Based on this concept, Shourya is evolved. It is an interesting story written by Gopi Mohan. Out of all, Screenplay plays a major role in thriller, here it is not so engaging. Even Dasrath direction is not upto the mark. Shourya would have been a much much better film If the screen writing was gripping. Passable music. Even the background score is also on below par. However, The only silver lining is cinematography, visuals are soothful to the eyes.

With Nenu Meeku telusa, Manoj has attempted the thriller genre. He did a phenomenal job in his first thriller film but comparitvely, here his performance is quite down.Regina Cassandra hasn’t got much to do on the screen.The lead pair chemistry is  flimsy. versatile Prakash raj nailed his role.  Nagineedu, Nandhu, Subbaraju and Others have done their roles perfectly.

It is quite disheartening to see a good concept is completely botched up by the poor screen writing. Shourya would have been much better film If it had good enough support from technicians. However, Shourya is still Watchable once for the concept.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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