Manmadhan For sale Review

Rating : 2/5.

Bottom Line : Better to avoid this soulless film.


A decade ago, Tamil actor Simbhu featured Manmadha, was released and fared well at the box office. The same actor has now come up with Manmadhan for sale, It is not a sequel to 2004 film. Infact, It has no similarities apart from the title.  This latest telugu outing of simbhu, is the dubbed of a tamil film Poda podi.

Title has purely no connection with film’s concept. It is just publicity gimmick by makers to bring the auds to theatres. This is the story of an animation designer, Arjun ( Simbhu) comes across a dancer, Nisha ( Varalaxmi Sharath Kumar), in London. Simbhu gives lots of importance to the motherland culture where as Nisha is passion about western dance. Typically, They both fall for each other.

Everything goes well, Until Simbhu despise Nisha’s passion. They decide to break up, but their unconditional love for each other made them husband and wife. Later on, They blessed with a baby boy,  What happened next is the rest of the story.

I’m wondering what convinced simbhu to do this film.This one has no soul, except subtly romance and lame comedy. Some bunch of technicians efforts are gone vain. Vignesh Shiva has nothing to do owing to poor script.The whole film shoot takes place in London, Visuals are vibrant, The trio cameramen have done a great job. Peppy tunes are scored by dharan Kumar. Most of the film is all about dance, Fantastic choreography.

Simbhu and new girl to the telugu audiences, Varalaxmi Sharath Kumar compete with each other interms of performance. Both have done a great job. shobana made her mark in minimal role.VTV Ganesh offered a few laughs with his trade mark comic timing.

What would be the fate of the film, if there is no enough content to keep the viewers engaging. yes I’m saying about Manmadhan for sale. There is body without soul. Better to avoid this film to save your bucks. I will go with two for this soulless film.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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