Tuntari Review

Rating : 2.5/5.

Bottom Line : Director failed to cash-in on a good story.


The latest feature of Nara Rohit is all about boxing championship. Don’t come to conclusion, This film would be like Thammudu, Southpaw and Mary kom. This one is all about a prophecy is divulged by a swamji.how it happened and where is boxing element depicted in this story, is an interesting point. Rohit is always cast his vote for innovative stories.but this time, he gives his nod for remake film. Yes, Tuntari is the remake film of Maan Karate, which story is written by AR Murgadoss.

Tuntari kicks off with a bunch of techies, holiday at the hill station. one of the techies, finds out the miracle powers of a swamiji while chilling out. Then she introduced her friends to swamiji. Techies are asked a boon by swamji.Inorder to test the powers of swamiji, Sceptical techies ask for future dussera news paper edition, which would generally not published by the print media owing to holiday. Abruptly, Swamji gives them what they ask for. As a result, Whatever the prophesies in the newspaper it is happening in real life.

To cash in on swamiji’s boon they look for financial gain. while they read news, ‘a boxer, Raju attribute his success and 5crores prize money to their names’. Surprised software employee finds out Raju (Rohit), A happy-go -lucky guy.  But the twist is Raju Is not a boxer. He doesn’t even know about boxing. For his love, Siri ( Latha Hegde), He pretends like a boxer and participate in boxing competition. what will happen is rest of the story.

Murgadoss written story is a big positive thing about this comedy entertainer. But Gundello Godari director Kumar Nagendra failed to narrate the story more entertaining way. The placement of songs is not ideal. Technicians, Cameraman Palani Kumar and Music Composer Sai Kartheek have done a great by contributing brilliant efforts in their respective works.

Rohit steals the show with the good comic timing. Newzealand Model turned actress Latha Hegde marks his debut with this film. She is alright in her role. Jil Villain Kabir singh plays the antagonist role well. Vennela Kishore, Shankar and other cast have done their roles aptly.

On the whole, Tuntari has a good story but director failed to cash in on the good subject. but the actor Rohit steals the show with the good comic timing.  I will go two and half out  of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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