Run Movie Review


Bottom Line : Partly Engaging.

Run is the latest feature of young actor Sundeep Kishan. This film the remake of 2013 Malayalam superhit Neram. The film is highlighted the importance of time, How a person’s luck change in seconds of time. Our protagonist, Sanju played by Sundeep Kishan loses his techie job owing to his company shares crashed.

For survival, He borrows a lump some of money from a money lender, Vaddi Raja( Bobby Simha), who is ruthless and wicked man in the city. They made a deal that money would return back in fourth months along with the interest. The young man fails to get a job in fourth months, Finds saviour in his friend, After given deadline, Sanju makes a cal to vaddi Raja to return money back. In the meantime, Some theif steals the money from him.What Sanju will do is rest of the story.

Alphonse putharen written story has an interesting theme, but that is not well executed by the director, Anil Kanneganti This remake version  is partly engaging. Even though the film is quite crisply edited, Still there are a few jadded scenes annoys you. Cameraman has done a brilliant job. Sai Kartheek scored background score is another highlight of the film.

After a few misfires with his previous film, Sundeep Kishan has chosen to do remake film and be has delivered a great performance. Anisha Ambrose, who made a cameo appearance in Gopala Gopala played the Female lead. Her screen space it quite low still she did a good job.

The national award winner, Bobby Simha marks his debut in Telugu cinema with this film, His performance as wicked man is superb. He proved his mettle once again. Kasi Vishwanth, Brahmaji, Mahath and Posani Krishna Murali played their roles pretty well.

On the whole, Director should have been come up with a better execution. However, This remake film is still Watchable once for good performance of the lead cast. I will go with two and half out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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