Oopiri / Thozha Movie Review

Rating : 4/5.

Bottom Line : An extra ordinary adaptation.


Oopiri is the adaptation motion picture from French film intouchables, which is all about  two ill-fated guys. A physically handicapped billionaire, Vikram Aditya ( Nagarjuna) and the other guy is a slumdog, Sreenu (Karthi), who believes money can buy happiness. Both have set of their own problems. After serving six months of jail sentence, Sreenu gets released on parole. His family despise him for not being a responsible person.

Vikram Aditya may be a billionaire, but he needs something more than money. One day the billionaire and his Secretary, Keerthi (Tamannah) interview for caretaker job. Inorder to prove himself as a changed man to the court, Sreenu attend the interview and gets selected. Rest of the film, is all about how they have seen silver linings in their respective lives.

Though this is the adaptation of a french film, Yevadu director Vamsi Paydipally made a few changes in the script for local audiences and executed it in a enthralling way. As you weeping in a tearjerker scene in next moment you will guffaw like anything that’s what I liked more about the film. Kudos to Abbur Ravi dialogues.Though a bit lengthy film, it is completely engrossing. Most of the visuals are warm, The way PS Vinod shot the scenes in Paris locations  and aerial shots are superb. Malayalam music composer has composed heart touching background score but songs are not as good as BGM. Production designer has done a great Job.

After joining Fifty crores club with Soggade Chinni Nayana this year, Akkineni Nagarajuna unleased his second feature, The veteran actor played physically handicapped role, who is confined to wheel chair. He doesn’t have much to do with limbs, but his facial expression are ample to define his acting skills, Commendable performance by him.

This is the first straight Telugu film for Karthi, His comic timing Is the most highlight of the film. His antics, dialogue delivery, and emotions are fantabulous. Tamannah is extremely gorgeous, she nailed it. Ali is made his mark in minimal role. Prakash raj is another actor, who offered alot o fun along with karthi.Jayasudha has delivered natural performance. rest of the cast played their roles very well.

Oopiri is one of the best films that I have seen in recent times. It is a beautiful adaptation. The whole team have done a great job. Don’t miss this celebration of life on this weekend. I will go with four out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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