Sardaar Gabbar Singh Review

Rating : 2/5.

Bottom Line : A damp Squib.


Sardaar Gabbar Singh Is the latest commercial potboiler of Pawan Kalyan. The title hints us that it is a sequel to 2013 Blockbuster hit, Gabbar singh, But it is actually not. Power director K S Ravindra weilded megaphone for this latest film.

The film begins with Circle inspector, Sardaar (Pawan Kalyan) is transferred to Ratanpur town, where people are fear of a feudal landlord, Raja Bhiarav Singh (Sharadh Kelkar). As soon as Sardaar lands in town, He learns about the predicament of people and gradually face off  Bhairav Singh. In the meantime, He falls in love with Ratanpur princess, Asthi ( Kajal Agarwal). How Sardaar face off Raja Bhairav Singh and wins his love? are main parts of the story.

It’s been a long time since pawan kalyan written story and screenplay. Back in 2003, He wrote story for Johnny and it turned out misfire at the box office. Even his latest penned story for Sardaar Gabbar singh has no soul. The narrative is too cliched. It is partly engaging. What would a director do if there is a half-baked story. K S Ravindra direction is also not upto the standards of a superstar film. Dialogue writer Sai madhav Burra written one liner are good. The lengthy of the film is too tedious, Editor should have been chopped off film to two hours. The only saving grace of the film is cinematography. Passable music by Devi Sri Prasad. Brahma Kadali’s art direction is nothing short of brillaint.

Comig to performances Power star pawan kalyan nailed the role as Sardaar Gabbar singh. His dialogue delivery, Stunts and moves to Dai dai dhama is the highlight of the film. Kajal Agarwal looks so royal, right from her costumes to jewellery. Latest entry in Telugu cinema, Sharadh Kelkar did a fabulous on his debut. Kabir Singh was wasted. Sanjanna did a cameo role. Mukesh Rishi shines as Diwan. Poor role for brahmanandam. Rest of the cast played their roles well.

On the whole, Sardaar Gabbar singh has a lackluster story. It has a negative impact on the film. Performance of the lead cast are okay. Narrative is not gripping at all. Even length of the film, is another major drawback. Unfortunately, The most awaited film, turned out as damp squib. I will go with two out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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