Sarrainodu Movie Review

Rating : 2.5/5.

Bottom Line : Partly Engaging.


Sarrainodu is the latest commercial potboiler directed by Boyapati sreenu, who has penchant for making commercial films. His previous feature, Legend had done well at the box office.Now the latest venture, Sarrainodu, with Allu Arjun failed to earn as brownie points as Legend did. For the first time, the Stylish actor and Mass director came together for this action entertainer.

Since the story is too cliched, Director has got nothing much new to show to viewers on the screen. Sarrainodu is the tale of ex- Army man, Gana (Allu Arjun), Son of Cheif Secretary of the state, Umapathi (Jayaprakash). He is always pampered by his uncle ( Srikanth). One day falls in love with an MLA ( Catherine Teresa). So many politicians right? Yeah, we can see so many politicians in the movie. Even The Protagonist of the film, Vaira Dhanush ( Played by Aadhi Pinnisetty) is son of Cheif Minister, who is vicious and controls the system in state.

In a rape case, Dhanush support a business man’s son and MLA supports the victim parents.In the meantime, Gana learns about Dhanush and decided to teach him a lesson.But his love intrest, MLA tries to persuade him not to embroil in a scuffle. Here comes the twist in the story. A village belle, Jaanu ( Rakul Preet Singh) is chased by a bunch of goons, asks for the help of Gana. Who is Jaanu? Why she asks the help of Gana? and How Gana goes against Dhanush? are main parts of the story.

In recent times, Audiences are giving their vote to content instead of star cast and crew. If there is no proper content in the film, that would end up as a flop. Sarrainodu has the lackluster content, which is not suffice to entertain the audiences. Boyapati sreenu Screenplay is partly engaging especially in action sequences. The primary highlight of the film is Interval episode. Action choreography is unbelievable but audiences suppose to expect illogical action stunts in Boyapati films. camereman has shot some high quality visuals. SS Thaman scored  music is a big let down. The run time could have been trimmed 20 minutes.

The protagonist Allu Arjun has given all-rounder Performance. His dialogue, dance, action and expression are superb. In the same way, Aadi Pinnisetty did a fabulous as the protagonist. Actor Srikanth played the role of uncle to bunny, which has importance in climax. Rakul Preet Singh role is minimal, She is alright in her role. Catherine Teresa teamed up again with Bunny after Iddharammayilatho, She looks gorgeous and played her part very well. Sai Kumar, Jayaprakash and Suman did their respective roles well.

On the whole, Production values by Geetha Arts are rich but the Content of film is quite poor.  The star cast performances and action sequences made this film Watchable once. I will go with two and half out of five stars.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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