Jackson Durai Movie Review


This weekend release, Jackson Durai is a horror comedy, directed by Burma director, Dharani kumar. Actor Satyaraj, who is well known to national audiences as Kattappa has played a pivotal role in the film, and his son, Sibi raj is the protagonist.

Jackson Durai kicks off with the introduction of a village called Dora puram, where the people are hassled by a ghost called Jackson, The villagers believed that the  ghost is a Britisher. During British regime, A bunch of britishers died in an accident since then, the ghost has been harrasing the poor villagers when the clock ticks at 9 PM.

The Crime branch of police of state, appoints a novice officer, Sathya ( Sibi raj), to solve the mystery.In Dorapuram, The officer bumps into a girl, Vijaya ( Himabindu),and falls in love with her. While trying to unravel the mystery, He experiences some eerie things. Meanwhile, Vijaya’s cousin, Veera ( Karunakaran) also wants to marry the love interest of officer.

Vijaya’s father, who also happens to be the village head, put a condition to both of them that they must spent a week in haunted bungalow,  who ever survive, will marry his daughter. Both of the suitors agree the condition, And decide to spent one week.  They intially experience eeriethings.In no time, The poor guys findout the mystery behind Jackson ghost. what is that mystery? is rest of the story.

The story has enough potential to tickle the funny bone of audiences but the director, Dharani kumar prolonged the screenplay in second half, It affected the positive created by the intial half of the film, Cameraman ,Yuvraj Singh has done a phenomenal job, All the frames are aesthetic and pleasant to the eyes. Screen writing could have been much better. Medicore songs, but the background score by Chinna is good. Editor should been chopped off some repeated scenes.

Satyaraj who is also known as katappa, essayed the cake -walk role and he did it well.The make up men deserve special applause for their amazing work. The protagonist sibiraj has offered a few intermittent chuckles to audience by joining up comedians Yogi Babu and Karunakaran. Both the actors have done their roles pretty well. Hima bindu essayed the role of  a village belle, got nothing much to do on the screen. Zachary coffin did an important role with ease.

All over, The poor writing botched up the film, especially the latter half, However, This horror comedy is a well crafted without a soul turns out the misfire at the box office. you can watch this film for a few laughs, Don’t expect more than that. I will go with two out of five stars for this latest horror comedy film.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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