Srirasthu Subhamasthu Review


Srirasthu Subhmasthu deals with the values, ethics, emotions and notions of middle class and high class families. There are general beliefs in our society that rich people are snobs and middle class people are greedy. Director Parusuram has depicted this points in his love story and conveyed a social message through his latest celluloid.

This is the story a rich youngster, Sirish (Allu Sirish), comes across a middle class girl, Ananya (Lavanya Tripati) and falls in love with her. As he reveals his love affair to his father, (Played by Prakash Raj), A  business man, reluctant to agree, owing to his notion on middle class girls that they are greedy to marry rich guys for social security.Sirish has a strong belief that all people are not the same, So, He wants to prove his father wrong by wooing ananya as a middle class guy.

Meanwhile, Ananya’s father (Rao Ramesh), always wants to fulfill his daughter dreams inspite of his weak financial status. Here comes the twist in the tale, His friend,(Tanikella Bharani) who financially bails him out, wants to perform Ananya’s marriage with his son. In the mean time, Ananya falls in love with sirish. What happened next is concept of the film.

After a brief hiatus, Parusuram has come up with an another romantic entertainer blended up with melodrama. The whole narration is quite banal but it made successful impact on the audiences. A few dialogues are marvellously written. Manikandan’s camera work is brillaint, every frame is so aesthetic. Thaman has composed some mediocre music. A few silly scenes should have been chopped off in first half. There are some double entendres mouthed by the protagonist, went down well with the front seat audiences. Geeta Arts production values are good.

After Kottha janta, Sirish has made his come back with this film.This time he has come up with much better performance than ever before.In few key scenes, Sirish pulled off the protagonist role with ease. Actress Lavanya Tripati, has much scope to prove her acting prowess. She did her best. Rao Ramesh, steals the show with his impeccable timing in emotional scenes. Prakash raj is shown in minimal role, but he made his mark. Yesteryear actress, Suma Latha, Tanikella Bharani, Ravi, Randheer, Pragathi, and Ali played their roles well.

On the whole, Srirasthu Subhamasthu, has a lackluster first half and  decent second half.  A few dialogues are like food for thought and at the same time, dialogues like  I lost my identity because of your foolish act do not make sense.Rao ramesh pulled even off this role with ease. I will go with two and half stars for this family entertainer.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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