Singam 3 Movie Review

After a much delay in release, The third installment from singham franchise is opened in theatres today. Suriya , Anushka and Shruthi Hassan played the lead roles. Hari directed all the films. New man in the team, Harris Jairaj composed the music. The prequels had fared well.Lets see how this third part will do at the box office.

The singham kicks off with a clamour of karnataka legislativies for the solution of crimes in the state. The home minister suggested the CM to take help of neighboring state police officer, Narsimham (Suriya). In last two installments, The angry young cop solves the criminal cases in his state but this time, He posted to Karnataka as CBI agent to solve the murder case of a former commissioner who was assigned to unravel the mysteries behind crimes in the state. 

               In no time, He ascertain that MSN Reddy (Saxena) is a powerful man in the area, who is also henchman of central minister (Suman). Inorder to find out the murderer of commissioner, Narsimham initially act as favouring MSN Reddy.Meanwhile, In the progress of  investigation, Suriya comes to know that Reddy is manipulated someone from Australia. Who is that man? What is the mystery behind killing a commissioner? And How the protagonist solves this case are main parts of the story.

This time, Hari has done commendable Job in script work. From the opening title till the penultimate frame, The narrative is too detailed and the effort is palatable.Like other two previous installments, Even this one has too many high octane action sequences that keep audiences on action mode. Cameraman Priyan’s work is good. Harris Jairaj composed music is not up to the mark of singham franchise.The length is too long, could have scissored a few scenes. Production values are good.

It’s a cake walk role for Suriya as he has already portrayed the same role in previous installments too.Anushka Shetty associated with the franchise from first part, she has a minimal role. New lady in the franchise, Shruti Hassan also has a small role. Female leads have nothing much to do. Anoop Thakur did a fabulous job as the antagonist.Soori comic timing is okay. Suman, Sharath Kumar, Radhika Sarath Kumar, Jay Prakash and Saxena have done their roles well.

Singham 3 would definitely embrace by the action movie lovers. Even after much delay in release, This third part also lived up to the franchise name. I will go with the three stars out of five to this latest commercial potboiler.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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