Ghazi Movie Review



It’s been a great year for telugu film industry, Most of the films are fared well at the box office. The new outing of Rana Daggubati is a bilingual film (Hindi and Telugu) opened in theaters across the world. Ghazi is all about the under water war between india and pakistan  in 1971. Kay Kay Menon played an important role in the film along with Atul Kulkarni and Tapsee Pannu. New director Sankalp reddy directed this rare genre film in telugu cinema. This is also the first under water war film in indian cinema too.

Ghazi Opens with the voice over of Mega star Chiranjeevi narrating about the wars between India and Pakistan. In karachi, Pakistan Navy officials hatch a plan to destroy the India’s most disastrous weapon INS Vikrant. On an alert from Indian intelligence, The Navy officials deploy Captain Ran vijay singh (Kay kay menon) and Lieutenant commander, Arjun (Rana Dabbgubati) to keep an eye on pakistan nefarious activites under water and at the same time, command them to not to attack before opponent does.  They named the mission as sea sighting.

Ran Vijay singh is a very intelligent officer but he also turns hot headed  when oppponent rattles his cage. With his stubborn behaviour he was earlier suspended for two years. Meanwhile, Arjun is a disciplined officer, who oblige every rule. With the submarine, They search for opponent whereabouts under water but couldn’t able to find no clue. In the mean time, They comes across pakistan submarine called Ghazi. What happened next is the rest of the story.

Someone need a lot of courage to make this kind of film for his debut. Sankalp reddy  hits the bull eye with his debut project. He splendidly bring out the proper emotions from his characters. Most of the citizens are not aware of this battle but The writers Gunnam Gangaraju and Niranjan reddy made a brilliant effort to promulgate the unknown history to the audiences. Gunnam written dialogues especially the patriotic dialogues in the second half are too good. The best part of the film is its visuals, Madhie  who worked earlier for Srimanthudu, Jil and other films, did a fabulous job. Visuals are nothing short of a hollywood film. Musician K has composed background score gives  goosebumps to the viewers. Production values by PVP are too good.

While working with Baahubali 2 team, Rana Daggubati has done this film too, The young hulk did a fabulous job in emotional scenes. Kay Kay Menon played  an important role and stolen the hearts of viewers with impeccable acting skills. Atul Kulkarni also played a pivotal role. Tapsee did a cameo appearance. The other cast members have done their part  very well.

In the first half, Director takes time to introduce his characters and set the stage but the second half has too much intensity moments, Dialogues, firing, national anthems and outstanding performance of the protagonist. The whole cast and crew made an incredible effort and it palatable with the output. I would go with four out of five stars for this first under water war film in indian cinema.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.




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