Katamarayudu Movie review.

One of the most awaited films of this year, Katamarayudu opened in theatres across all over  the world today.After a commercial misfire with Sardaar Gabbar singh, Pawan kalyan has teamed up with Gopala Gopala director Kishore pardasani AKA Dolly.Sardaar Gabbar singh producer sharath marrar shelled out his money on this commercial potboiler too. Shruthi hassan  played the female lead. This film is touted as Tamil super hit film, Ajith starrer Veeram remake. Akula shiva made some changes in the story for telugu audiences.

Katamarayudu is the story  of a powerful man in a village, Thaalapaka, Rayalaseema. Whatever he say it is like a decree to the people of that region. He lives with his four brothers played by Ajay, Krishna chaitanya, Kamaraju and Shiva balaji. They are his strength and weakness. Linga (Ali) is personal legal adviser and friend to Katamarayudu. One day a business (Pradeep singh rawat) approached rayudu for his support in an illegal business but rayudu declines it in his style. Meanwhile, Owing to things happened in his child hood, He turns out misogynist.

In the meantime, His brother falls in love with sweethearts, They don’t have courage to tell their love matter to their elder brother. Rayudu comes across a classical dancer, Avanthi (Shruthi hassan), Who is a peace lover. Rayudu brothers tried to set up the damsel with their brother and they succeed. Rayudu falls in  love with avantika so does the dancer. Avantika wants to introduce rayudu to her father who is pacifist in her village.In the meantime, A gang attacks rayudu infront of avanthi. What happened next is rest of the story.

It is like a deja vu feel to the telugu cinephiles as they watch katamarayudu on the big screen, The story is quite banal and screenplay  is cliched. Dolly exploited the stardom of the protagonist in introduction and key scenes very well but he failed to show the antagonist in the same manner. Prasad murrella shot frames are extremely good. Music  composed by Anup rubens is not up to the standards of pawan kalyan film.  Gautham raju should have scissored a few scenes in the second half.   Production values are good.

It is a one man show through out the film, Pawan kalyan screen presence is one of the positive points to this film. His mannerism  in folk song and chemistry with the female lead is a treat to watch. Shruthi hassan has got a meaty role, She did her part well.  Antagonist Tarun arrora is shown in a poor light. Rao Ramesh, Pradeep singh rawat did not do much in the film.  Versatile actor Nassar made his mark in a pivotal role.

On the whole, Katamarayudu is a treat to pawan kalyan fans who have been waiting to see their idol on the big screen. First half has a great entertainment but it doesn’t last in the latter half. However, You can watch this film for heartful laughs.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.


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