Ninnu Kori Review

Ninnu Kori is the latest outing of natural star Nani, who is on consecutive seven hits at telugu cinema box office. This romantic comedy is penned by a popular writer Kona Venkat who also co-produced the film along with famous producer DVV Danayya. Adi pinnisetty played a vital role in the film and Nani’s Gentleman actress Nivetha Thomas played the female lead.

Like all great romantic comedy films, This one also has novelistic narration. It is the tale of a PhD student, Uma Maheshwar played by Nani, who falls in love with a dance aspiring girl, Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas). The boy eke out his education at university hostel with scholarship and no big income. The girl’s father owns a super market and a practical man too. 

Uma maheshwar Rao has managed to become a tenant of Pallavi’s house during his campus holidays.All went well with the love birds until Pallavi’s father decided to perform her marriage with a well settled man. In the meantime, Pallavi try to persuade uma for elopement but the boy decline it owing to her father idealogy. Uma promises pallavi that he will seek her father’s consent for marriage after being settled.

Uma goes to new delhi to complete his PhD inspite of spat between lovers. In no time, Pallavi’s marriage is fixed with an NRI, Arun (Adi Pinnisetty). As Pallavi calls uma to inform about her marriage he is about to have a better career and the girl does not divulge. Atlast, Pallavi get married to Arun. you should watch what happened next on the big screen.

Directed by a debut director, Shiva Nirvana has a good creativity. The way he extracted the performances from his actors, is absolutely good. Screen writer kona Venkat narration is the soul of the film, It has the blend of balanced emotions too. Cinematographer, Karthik Ghattameni shot beautiful visuals which are more elevated by soothful music composed by Gopi sunder. Editing is too good.

Nani has been scaling the new heights with the consecutive hits. He hits the Bulls eye with his natural performance. Nivetha Thomas is the new find of telugu cinema. She is just impeccably portrayed all emotions. Adi pinnisetty played the vital role and did a great job. Murali sharma, Prudhvi and other cast members have supported well.

Love is just part of time. There are more things in life. Let’s celebrate with each memory is the theme of the movie.  You can happily watch this film with your loved ones on this weekend. 


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